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You Make Me Feel Like A 68Comeback Woman

March 22, 2012, on the 68Comeback Special. All the right questions were asked, all the correct answers given. We didn’t bother with the Pere Ubu feature this week, making it a must for next. The Famines dropped by, made it totally worth it, then left us wanting more. Gabe did the same, Sadie too. An historic show, with nothing but this song list (and the logger tapes, we suppose) to prove it even existed in the first place. And maybe it didn’t. Maybe it was all a dream…

the Pretenders  –  Precious

the Smalls  –  Natural Woman

Lisa Germano  –  The Dresses Song

Bettie Serveert  –  Under the Surface

Enon – The Power of Yawning

Black Mastiff – Rolling Stoned

Boss Hog – I Idolize You

the Famines  –  Syallables

the Famines  –  I Like Some of the Things You Do

Zeus  –  With Eyes Closed

the Famines  –  Faux Wealth

the Geraldine Fibbers  –  Fancy

BA Johnston – Raised By the Wooden Spoon

Mac DeMarco –  Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans

Acta non Verba – Blast On

Heartless Bastards – Got To Have Rock ‘n’ Roll

David Newberry – Easter

Krang – Provincial Flower

Tops – Evening

Derdiyoklar – Yaz Gazeteci

Miss Emily Brown – Back to the Woods

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