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Come for the smut talk, stay for whatever reason suits you.

You’re doing your time allotment budget for tomorrow, and you know you WANT to do some listening to the radio between 3 and 5 in the afternoon and you know the time is there, but you feel it’s inefficient to leave the decision of which station to the time at which you should already be listening. That’s what research is for, and we here at the 68Comeback Special understand that better than anybody.

If we might be so bold, could we suggest that you listen to our radio show, on CJSR-FM88 (also streaming on the net from here)? It’s quite good in general, certainly better than any generic offering of “Premium Rock,” that’s for sure. CBC won’t keep their promises, and while I’m sure CKUA would be happy to do for $10 what K-97 used to do for free (play some Valdy), we at 68Comeback will be bringing the smut.

That’s not entirely accurate, but Brian Birtles from Vue Weekly will drop by to talk about their first annual Blue Revue: Dirty Movie Film Festival. We’ll have dates, times, euphemisms, subtext, double- and (dare we hope?) maybe even triple-entendres if all goes right.

If dirty movies ain’t your thing, we’ll still have a decidedly smut-free Grade 4 Report from Gabe, maybe some kind of largely unplanned tribute to kindergarten, and enough other stuff to fill two hours of airtime! But no Valdy, not for any price!

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