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Standing In The Lonely Light Of The Comeback Moon

On the April 27, 2017 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we loved everybody but hated the names of their songs. We found certain things reminiscent of other things, and we remembered there were some things that we forgot to do.

Jawbox  –  Whitney Walks

Bry Webb  –  Positive People

Ghostkeeper  –  EEE

Camper Van Beethoven  –  (We’re A) Bad Trip

Flanger  –  Nightbeat 2

C.AARME  –  What’s the Problem Mussolini

the Betrayers  –  Night ‘n’ Day Boogie

Shellac  –  A Minute

Thundercat  –  Lava Lamp

Sientific American  –  Introduction

Jom Comyn  –  Dream Deep

Ellington/Mingus/Roach  –  Switch Blade

Carol Lawrence  –  I Feel Pretty

Blood Meridian  –  My Last Stand

Heavy Living  –  Cyclone Dreams (In Advance)

Michael Nesmith & the First National Band  –  Silver Moon

Belle & Sebastian  –  Wrong Girl

Radiation Flowers  –  Sunrise

Melted Mirror  –  Wandering Star

Johanna Sillanpaa  –  Closer

Crims & Flow  –  Hank

A.M. Static  –  Start/Select

Witchstone  –  The Void Mouth



Was there an anthropologist in the house?

Hoooo-boy, was that a show or what? Now what we need is a scientist to come along and break it all down and explain it back to us. In the absence of such, please, enjoy this list of songs!

Prisonshake  –  Always Almost There

Hoodoo Gurus  –  I Was  a Kamikaze Pilot

the New Pornographers  –  Up in the Dark

Andrew Bird  –  Wait

Be Your Own Pet  –  Bicycle, Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle

Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir  –  Glory Train

Mumiy Troll – Paradise Ahead

Tysegal – Finger

Aphelion – Track 7

Health – Before Tigers

Oliver Schroer – Barking Spiders

Battle Snakes – Get Up

Tower of Dudes – City Stomp

The Acorn  –  Restoration

Serena-Manesh  –  I Just Want to See Your Face

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins  –  Well I Tried

Cancer Bats  –  Dead Wrong

Suckers  –  Before Your Birthday Ends

Harlan T. Bobo  –  Bad Boyfriends

Del Barber  –  Story I Can Believe

Magic Bullets  –  They Wrote a Song About You

Marty Robbins  –  Cool Water

Ginsbergs Inkling  –  Tongue Feathers

the City Streets  –  All is Grace

Yesterday’s Playlist, Today

The list of songs played on the 68 Comeback Special on January 21, 2010 that you can use for your own nefarious purposes.

Bongwater  – the Power of Pussy

Retribution Gospel Choir  –  68 Comeback

Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine  –  Strength Through Shopping

Mark Birtles Project  –  Feel Nice

Postdata  –  Paranoid Clusters

Jay Farrar/Ben Gibbard  –  These Roads Don’t Move

Apsci  –  ‘Til the Windows Rattle Off

Simian Mobile Disco  –  10 000 Horses Can’t Be Wrong

Cecil Frena  –  O Sacred Dandruff

Kris Kristofferson  –  Good Morning John

Dave Bidini/Selina Martin/Barry Mirochnick/Ford Pier/Martin Tielli  –  (Thinkin’ Bout) Your Five Hole

Har Mar Superstar  –  Girls Only

Ace Frehley  –  Foxy and Free

Language Arts  –  Grandfather of the Buffalo

Thomas Dolby  –  She Blinded Me With Science

Ultramega  –  Shimmy Shimmy Ya

Sunburned Hand of the Man  –  Always Correct

A History Of  –  Strike it From the Lexicon

Brendan Benson  –  A Whole Lot Better

Jim Croce  –  Roller Derby Queen

Hot Cha Cha  –  Ticket Stub

Spoon  –  Trouble Comes Running

10 in the Swear Jar  –  Fort Awesome Drunk Tank

Blk Jks –  Banna Ba Modimo

Little Girls  –  Imaginary Friends

the Bloodsugars  –  Sleep Well (Cottage Industry)

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