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I’ll Conquer And Stay 68Comeback

Very exciting times on the February 21, 2013 68Comeback Special. We found a Pere Ubu song to quasi-enjoy, we reminisced about enjoying The Stepkids, we practiced pronouncing difficult words, we attempted to curry favour with Sherry-Lee Heschel.

Mystery Jets  –  Greatest Hits

Mohawk Lodge  –  Light You Up

Suuns  –  Arena

Verbena  –  Postcard Blues

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists  –  Six Months in a Leaky Boat

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down  –  Human Heart

Slam Dunk  –  Why Can’t I Change

the Stepkids  –  Santos and Ken

Mitten Claps  –  And Company

Dog Bite  –  You’re Not That Great

Swanton Bombs  –  Doom

Mise en Scene  –  Sherry

Unknown Mortal Orchestra  –  Monki

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Get Your Pants Off

Nick Everett – I Try

Dick Damron – When Satan Spins the Bottle

Pere Ubu – Lisbon

Como Mamas – One More River to Cross

Hayden – Rainy Saturday

Krang – Shake Joint

Homeshake – Haters

My Bloody Valentine – If I Am

Falty DL – She Sleeps


We Like All Of The Things The Famines Do

Updated March 22, 2012: Somebody really did want to know what colour underwear to wear on the second date, enough to remind us not to forget to ask. As far as we’re concerned, if it’s important enough to someone else for them to go (slightly) out of their way, then it must be important, right? Well, not necessarily, but the point is that we asked. Raymond gave us a charming account of how, as truly cosmopolitan his underwear choices must now be as a denizen of Montreal, he still buys all his underwear right here in E-town. This was not before Garrett gave the straight-shootin’est answer we ever could have expected: RED. And so, red it is. You heard it here first, er, second, actually. Hmm, actually, you heard it here fourth, come to think of it, but that makes it no less a definitive answer, so stop crying.

Are you ready for this? Have you heard? Did you know about the Thursday, March 22, 2012 edition of the 68Comeback Special? But how could you know, when we haven’t told you?  Ah, but you wouldn’t believe it if we told you, so maybe we won’t tell. Aw, but who’s kidding who around here? We can’t keep a secret to save our lives (except that we have, in this case)! Until now, that is. Okay, are you ready for this?

On this Thursday’s show, on CJSR-FM, from 3 to 5 in the everlovin’ afternoon: The Grade 5 Report (comme d’habitude). Maybe the feature in which, once a year, we try to enjoy Pere Ubu (a real thing; we’ve not been overly successful). What else? Excited talk about unexciting things? Vice versa?

NO! BETTER! The Famines will be dropping by to talk about their gig at Wunderbar, the lost art of artistry, the best colour underwear to wear on a second date, and what it’s like to secretly be Barack Obama (shhh!). Would you be a fool to miss it? Ask your mom.

Traditionally, a day for optimism.

Knowing that some of you need some bare minimum of effort on our part to convince you to tune into the show each week, the 68Comeback Special has something really really nice for you today.

It’s arguably the longest-running feature on the show, with the first, highly visionary edition broadcast a full 50 years before the objects of its attention even existed!

Though it would be a long time before there would be any artistic output from this group to try to appreciate, the first-ever edition of Trying to Appreciate Pere Ubu (observed each year in the first full week of February), anticipated what has come to be the orthodox theory of the difficulty of appreciating Pere Ubu, that being the specific lack of appreciable material.

To this day, through time’s ebbs and flows of intellectual and political sympathy toward such projects, Trying to Appreciate Pere Ubu has persevered. It was there when everyone wanted to try and appreciate them, and it was there when everyone wanted us to stop trying to appreciate them. And it will be there today, at just the right moment. The whole show is from 3 to 5, but the only way to be sure you don’t miss the big Pere Ubu thing is to tune in from the very start. That’s CJSR-FM, 88.5 on yer FM dial, or here: CJSR.COM.

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