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I Got A Heavy Coat, It’s Filled With Rocks And 68Comeback

We’ll leave it to the historians to decide for sure, but from where we stand, the April 12, 2012 68Comeback Special will go down as a watershed, after which nothing would ever be the same as it was before. We celebrated Chad as the everyday hero he is, Craig finally owned up to his true feelings about the Beach Boys, Tom found his favourite record of the year, but not before he told the funny Ray Manzarek story that we all like. It was really good. Really, really good. We hope  you didn’t miss it, but if you did, here’s a list of the songs we played.

Barkmarket  –  Radio Static

the Get Down  –  Gut Feeling

Bronx Cheerleader  –  Third Monkey

Pavement  –  Trigger Cut

the Funk Ark  –  El Rancho Motel

Emergency Broadcast Network  –  The Characteristic Beat

John Oswald/Plunderphonics  –  O’Hell

Ice vs. Palace  –  More Brother  (Inbred Version)

Jerk With a Bomb  –  Somethin’ Else

Et Tu Bruce  –  Miracle Crash

the Famines  –  the First World War

Tim Fite  –  Ain’t Ain’t Ain’t

Dr. John  –  Revolution

Smokey – Woman

Dreamaura – Crixet Burrow

Eamon McGrath – Signals

Isotope – Operation: Vamos

Retribution Gospel Choir – The Stone Revolution

Rheostatics – Jesus Was Once a Teenager Too

Handsome Dan – The World Is a Life Sentence

Graham Nicholas – Love By the Dime

Benoit Delbecq and Francois Houle – The Mystery Song

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