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Sara Levine, Will You Please, Please, Pleeease Be My New Best Friend?

I know, I know, I didn’t blog that show last night because all it was was the reunion show and while I could bear to watch all those ladies let Courtney have it for being so mean to them, and I could bear to watch Courtney let ’em all have it right back by so half-assedly pretending to give a shit about their feeeelings, I definitely could not bear to stay up late, trying to get perspective on it. So no.

But hey, if you’ll stop crying for sec, I’ve got something else for you. It’s The Best Three Consecutively Occurring Sentences That You Will Read Today. And Probably Tomorrow. Ready?

From Treasure Island!!!, a wicked-awesome new book by Sara Levine:

I don’t know that I’ve had occasion to mention this, but I don’t drive much. I have a license, but I don’t like unfamiliar roads, or narrow lanes, or driving at night, or on highways, or in bad weather. Under the best conditions, my heart thumps and my palms drip and don’t even get me started on my perineum.

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