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Your Weekend Earworm

If you were listening to yesterday’s 68Comeback Special show, you might have heard us play Cough Drops, an entirely worthwhile song by Cold Warps, the cutest little group of Haligonian cuties to come along since Sloan died their hair gray.

You might have also heard us mention that it was not the song we thought we were going to play. It is entirely okay that this is the way things turned out. Absolutely no complaints here, we swear to…whoever.

That said,¬†we meant to play Who Cares I Guess because ISN’T IT OBVIOUS WHY? You wanna hear it? Probably not, because YOU HATE FUNNY, BRIEF, CATCHY SONGS. So don’t click it, loser. Okay, go ahead if you think you’re so brave – CLICK IT.

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