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Come On, King Of The 68Comebacks

If you were the son of God and it was 2012 years ago (give or take, right?), this April 5 edition of the 68Comeback Special would represent the beginning of a very busy and eventful weekend for you. So maybe you would sit back and let us do the programming for you.

Afghan Whigs  –  The Temple

King Herod  –  King Herod’s Song

Bow Wow Wow  –  I Want Candy

We Are Wolves  –  T.R.O.U.B.L.E.

Beach Velvet  –  Dreaming of You

Zeus  –  Let it Go, Don’t Let it Go

Pissed Jeans  –  She is Science Fiction

the Black Shades  –  I Got You

Vulgar, You!  –  Innocent Alysson

Okkervil River  –  The Plus Ones

Uncle Tupelo  –  We’ve Been Had

Shearwater  –  Believing Makes it Easy

Eamon McGrath  –  Eternal Adolescence

Ray Charles  –  A Fool For You

Dirty Projectors  –  Stillness is the Move

Housemartins – Happy Hour

Jr Gone Wild – Just the Other Day

Robert Pollard – Picnic Drums

Money in the Banana Stand – Drink Deep

Mares of Thrace – The Pragmatist

La Chiva Gantiva – Cosmetico

Rick Reid – Akit’s Hill

Canary Mines – Look at my Hands

Bocce – Robot Servant

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