Full On 68Comeback’s Mom

Mother’s Day comes but once a year, and if you weren’t celebrating Mother’s Day eve-eve-eve with the 68Comeback Special, then you were doing something else. That said, this is what it looks like if you reduce all the songs we played today into a simple list.

Liz Phair – Cinco de Mayo
Ultra Mega – Da Mystery of Chessboxin’
Teenage Panzercorps – German Reggae
Pink Mountaintops – The Gayest of Sunbeams
Royal Bangs – Triccs
Hunx and the Punx – The Curse of Being Young
Cornershop – Topknot
The Bugs – Theme from “Do Raha”
Brazilian Money – Lost Sense of All Time
Chain and the Gang – Why Not?
Third Sight – Anti-Happy
Sweatshop Union – Bill Murray
Richard Buckner – Traitor
Obits – No Fly List
Noah 23 – Frycook on Venus
Pains of Being Pure At Heart – My Terrible Friend
Jean-Paul de Roover – You
Greg Arcade – No, You Shut Up!
Stan Rogers – Fogarty’s Cove
Fast Romantics – Union Park
Makeout Videotape – Future Boy
Withered Hand – Cornflake
Deep Dark Robot – You Mean Nothing To Me
Hilde Hefte – Vakker Natt
John Coltrane – Ascension Pt 1

How Do You Mend A 68Comeback Heart?

All the different ways, circa April 28, 2011, that things are going to be different, next time. In song form.

Shooby Taylor – Over the Rainbow
the Exploited – Royalty
Enjoy Your Pumas – No Man’s A Failure
Urge Overkill – The Candidate
Richard LaViolette – Your Many Different Forms
Public Enemy – Don’t Believe the Hype
Cornershop – United Provinces of India
the Obits – I Want Results
Samantha Savage Smith – Tough Cookie
Memphis – I Want the Lights On After Dark
Southeast Engine – At Least We Have Each Other
David Sedaris – Me Talk Pretty One Day
Hunx and His Punx – He’s Coming Back
Les Tabernacles – Cold Black Heart
Surf City – Crazy Rulers of the World
Megaphonic Thrift – Sister Joan
Brazilian Money – Put Out That Cig
Orquesta Sonora Curro – Patuleco
Paris Suit Yourself – Rollin’ On
Yuck – Get Away
Bee Gees – How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?
Noah 23 – Bright Green Laces
The Cookers – Blues For Booker

Come On, King of the 68Comeback

April 21, 2011 was the day, this was the playlist. Thank you and good night.

Kill the Vultures – Sick Days Are Upon Us
Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack – What’s the Buzz?
Heart Failure Research Unit – Has the World Gone Mad?
the Handsome Family – In the Air
Veda Hille – Birdsong
Be Your Own Pet – Bicycle Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle
Queen – Bicycle Race
Pere Ubu – Woolie Bullie
Iggy Pop – I Need More
Sweatshop Union – Bill Murray
Vinyldogtoy – Zombie Nightmare
Tony Castles – No Service
the Better Beatles – I’m Down
Robert Mitchum – Mama Looka Boo Boo
Brazilian Money – Give Up That Dog
Falklands – Carried Away
Ringo Death Starr – So High
Buffalo Tom – Guilty Girls
Krang – Spirit Animals
Mallard – Going With the Guts
Blues Dragon – I’d Do Anything
Gargamex – Freelance Embalmer
Provincial Archive – Drive
Alexi Murdoch – At Your Door
The Megaphonic Thrift – Talks Like a Weed King
Subtractivelad – Hello, Goodbye

“Doot Doot,” For God’s Sake! “DOOT DOOT!”

I’m about as indifferent to Michael Ignatieff and his personal motivations as I am to the the Liberal Party of Canada and their ideas about being the natural ruling party of Canada, so those concern trolling Conservative ads about how Michael Ignatieff “didn’t come back for you” never had much of an effect on me at all. I already knew that he didn’t come back for me, just like I know that it wasn’t out of any great concern for me that Stephen Harper never left.

I say this because I want to make sure it’s perfectly clear that this isn’t intended as any sort of subtle political plug for Mr. Ignatieff or his party. In fact, considering how many tries it takes for the professor to catch Nardwuar’s drift, even with a room full of people shouting the right answer at him, it’s just gotta count against him.

For my political dollar, the video counts as a mark against Stephen Harper, too, with the footage of his security dudes escorting the lovable doofus away from The Prime Minister’s General Vicinity. I got your campaign’s theme song right here, Mr. Harper!

68Comeback and the First Day of Winter

Neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night nor snow and snow and snow and snow, even in the freakin’ middle of freakin’ APRIL, will keep us, the 68Comeback Special, from our appointed rounds. Sing it!

The Bonzo Dog Band  –  The Intro and the Outro

Treepeople  –  Andy Warhol

Primrods  –  Kreskin

Times New Viking  –  The End of All Things

We Are Wolves  –  L.L. Romeo

the Moldy Peaches  –  Jorge Regula

Twilight Circus Dub Sound System  –  Mad Groove

Prinzhorn Dance School  –  Don’t Talk to Strangers

Louise Burns  –  What Do You Wanna Do

White Stripes  –  You’re Pretty Good Looking

Chain & the Gang  –  It’s a Hard, Hard Job (Keeping Everybody High)

Mississippi Fred McDowell  –  Baby Please Don’t Go

the Kills  –  Pots and Pans

Low  –  Especially Me

John Cale  –  Guts

Yuck – Suck

Idyl Tea – Not Without Her

Herzog – Paul Blart and the Death of Art

Ol Death – Ghost Head

Quintron – Face Down in the Gutter

Ringo Death Starr – Do It Every Time

Isaiah Ceccarelli -ne suis pas encore

Ponytail – Honey Touches

Tyler Butler – House Painter

That 68Comeback Show

When you think April 7, 2011 from now on, you will think of this….

Big Star  –  In the Street

Timber Timbre  –  Creep On Creepin’ On

Brandt Brauer Frick  –  Bop

Miniature Tigers – Viking Hearts

The Albertans – Megan

Darlings – Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself

Buffalo Tom – Arise, Watch

Does It Offend You, Yeah? – The Monkeys Are Coming

Johnny 99 – Big Shot World

Parts and Labour – Constant Future

Kellarissa – Flatlands

Hungry Kids of Hungary – Scattered Diamonds

Raveonettes – War in Heaven

Falklands – Wade’s Nightmare

Bali Gamelan & Kecak  –  Gamelan Salundin Tenganan (Gending Sakar Gadung)

Redeemer  –  I Am Revenge

Joane Hétu  –  La Neige

Royal Bangs  –  Bad News, Strange Luck

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings  –  What Have You Done for Me Lately?

Richard Laviolette  –  Your Many Different Forms

C’mon – I’m Not In Love With the System

Kvelertak  –  Blodtorst

J.J. Ipsen and the Paper Crown  –  April and May

Freakwater  –  Washed in the Blood


If You Want 68Comeback, You Got It

Like the month of March itself, the March 31, 2011 edition of the 68 Comeback Special is over. Here’s what happened. We hope you’re satisfied.

AC/DC – Beating Around the Bush

Freakwater – One Big Union

Daniel Romano – Helen’s Restaurant

We Are the City – That’s It, That’s All

The Black Angels – No Satisfaction

Chain & the Gang – For Practical Purposes (I Love You)

Black Dice  –

Perfect Vacuum  –  Satanic Man/Average Man

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart  –  My Terrible Friend

Bryan Pole  –  List of Grievances

Jonathan Richman – I Eat With Gusto, Damn! You Bet

Doug Hoyer Was Here! He Brought Records!

Bill Cosby  –  Revenge

Mike Essoudry’s Mash Potato Mashers  –  The Getaway

The Whitest Boy Alive  –  Courage

Sean Nicholas Savage  – Friendship

City Streets – Windowpanes

Adrian Belew – Naive Guitar

David Bowie – Art Decade

William Ackerman – Synopsis

Francis Li – A Man and a Woman

Jake Ian – I Fell Off the Wagon

Doug Hoyer – With You In My Arms

Jose Calvario – Old Lisbon

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