For Those About To Be 56, We Salute You

It’s Angus! Angus is 56!

To celebrate, the smarty-pantses at HiLoBrow are offering up Angusonics, a series of considerations of Angus Young’s guitar solos. So far, Problem ChildSin City and Shot Down In Flames, with a couple more to come.

Notice that all the solos they’ve chosen come from the first half of his life, but who’s going to talk shit about Angus Young on the guy’s birthday? Not me! Happy Birthday, Angus!


UPDATE: Back in Black!

Doug Hoyer!

Book time off work! Clean your room! Shave your arms and eyebrows! Doug Hoyer is coming in for a visit on tomorrow’s 68Comeback Special show, heard Thursdaily from 3 to 5 pm on the ever-lovin’ CJSR-FM88!

Free Willie II

Remember last year, when Willie Nelson’s tour bus got pulled over and there was a problem? There may yet be a solution.

On the one hand, YAY:

“You can bet your ass I’m not going to be mean to Willie Nelson,” Hudspeth County Attorney C.R. “Kit” Bramblett told CNN Monday, confirming his plea recommendation.

No court date is set, but Bramblett said he would recommend a plea deal for Nelson that includes the legendary country artist singing his 1975 hit “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.” The courtroom performance would serve as his community service, he said.

And also:

Bramblett joked that while Nelson was initially charged with possession of six ounces of pot, which would put the case out of his jurisdiction, he and the sheriff smoked or threw out enough to bring it into his jurisdiction.

But then again, BOOOO:

The final decision, though, will be in the hands of Judge Becky Dean-Walker, who seemed irritated by media reports Monday concerning the proposed plea deal.

“My court is not a jester court,” Judge Dean-Walker said. “I understand that people are star stuck, I’m not one of them.”

Like, okay, selective justice is totally not fair and all that, but couldn’t she just get him to promise not to make any more reggae albums or something?

The Curious Case of 68Comeback

This is us, the 68Comeback Special, on March 24, 2011, not caring a whit about celebrity deaths, or near-deaths. These are the songs to prove it.

Pinetop Perkins w/ the Blue Ice Band  –  Baby What You Want Me To Do

the Deadly Snakes  –  Trouble’s Gonna Stay Awhile

the Farrell Bros  –  Where’d You Learn This Tune?

Neutral Milk Hotel  –  Holland, 1945

Mike Essoudry’s Mash Potato Mashers  –  Step Right Up

Budgie  –  Crash Course in Brain Surgery

John Vanderslice  –  Sea Salt

Yuck  –  Stutter

Lina Allemano Four  –  Sling Slang

the Melvins  –  The Stupid Creep

Perfect Vacuum  –  Glamour Addict

Mother Mother  –  Problems

Twilight Singers  –  She Was Stolen

The Blowholes  –  Remember Walking in the Sand

Wye Oak – Holy Holy

City Streets – Red Light runner

The Woody Allens – Used To It

Bann – All the Things You Are

Bryan Pole – List of Grievances

Fujiya & Miyagi – Ventriloquizzing

Colin Stetson – The Stars in His Head

Soul Asylum – Made To Be Broken

Rabbits – Duck, the Pigs

A Nice Fellow, If A Tad Disorganized

Letters of Note offers up a letter from Lester Bangs to a guy whose tape he would have listened to, if he hadn’t lost it.

I remember your name and that there was a cassette–and it is quite possible that that cassette is buried somewhere beneath the strata of garbage in the nether reaches of my desk. Which is no comment on its aesthetic merit, but rather on my own housekeeping.

Back in 68Comeback’s Arms

This, a list of songs reflecting the 68 Comeback Special’s March 17, 2011 return to glory following a week of illness and misfortune.

Tent Poles  –  Rock and Roll

Alan Sparhawk  –  Be Nice to People With Lice

Lester Bowie w/ the Art Ensemble of Chicago  –  It’s Howdy Doody Time

Galaxie  –  Melodie Mecanique

Dream Jefferson  –  Super Rick 24-7 I’m Splatterhousin’

Dum Dum Girls  –  Wrong Feels Right

Sister Double Happiness  –  Don’t Worry

Jay Crocker/Co-Stars  –  Super Disease

The Luyas  –   Too Beautiful to Work

La Sera  –  Devils Hearts Grow Cold

Banjo or Freakout  –  Can’t Be Mad For Nothing

Bori  –  Foule Anonyme

Benny Spellman  –  Lipstick Traces

Hafdis Huld  –  Action Man

Kurt Vile  –  Ghost Town

The Cribs – Hey Scenesters

J Mascis – Not Enough

The Band – Acadian Driftwood

Krang – Speed of Tent

Thin Lizzy – Johnny

The Megaphonic Thrift – Face Like a Weed King

What It Takes

Big show planned tomorrow on the 68Comeback Special Radio Time, heard between 3 and 5 pm on CJSR-FM. Among the known knowns: zippy, peppy musical choices the likes of which leprechauns would approve; topics of conversation including head lice, haircuts, and everything the descending synth line in Split Enz’s “Shark Attack” has done for rock and roll; at least one special guest appearance by Chad “The Chad” Brunet. Gabe’ll be there with a Grade 4 Report. Sadie will be there with her own brand of radio magic. 

Please arrive on time and prepared to do what it takes.

P.S. And someone’s gonna have to explain why everybody’s wearing green today. This is seriously freaking me out.

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