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Try To Make A Comeback Off A Regular Guy

On the December 13, 2017 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we missed people who were missing and congratulated people who did and had the right stuff.

Guv’ner  –  Anaphelact

Tommy Keene  –  Last of the Twilight Girls

the Uptights  –  Stop Me Again

Peach Pyramid  –  Repeating Myself

Moving Bodies  –  Waiting to Come Down

La Louma  –  Candy

the (International) Noise Conspiracy  –  Ready Steady Go!

Walter TV  –  Laura Palmer

the Broken West  –  The Smartest Man Alive

Mon Doux Saigneur  –  Poff Poff

Cub  –  Loaded

Jawbox  –  Cutoff

Shooting Guns  –  Simian Shelf

B.B. Gabor  –  Metropolitan Life

SNFU  –  Where’s My Legs

Bonnie Doon  –  Ghost Story

Mauno  –  How Long

Pigeon Breeders  –  Lost Heart

Soft March  –  Ghosts

the Deep Dark Woods  –  Deep Flooding Waters

Laura Sauvage  –  Monkeys in Space



Lit Up Like Some Comeback

On the December 6, 2017 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we finally, truly came to understand the impermanence of…stuff, and we looked forward to the day that impermanence would at long last see its own end.

Tent Poles  –  Rock and Roll

Duplex  –  Yr. Mama

the Burning Hell  –  The River (Never Freezes Anymore)

Steve Reich  –  Sextet (5th Movement)

the Zephyr Bones  –  September

Chad VanGaalen  –  Old Heads

Vaz  –  Drive-By

Skeleton Key  –  The World’s Most Famous Undertaker

Graham Parker  –  Discovering Japan

Laser Cake  –  Superstitious

Panteon  –  White Jaguar

High Waisted  –  Firebomb

Red Red Meat  –  Ball

Malk  –  Born Elated

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings  –  I Learned the Hard Way

Thin Lizzy  –  Waiting for an Alibi

Faith Healer  –  Light of Loving

Devo  –  Sloppy

Tough Age  –  Everyday Life

the Guaranteed  –  Hear From You

Holiday Ghosts  –  Airwaves

Deerhoof  –  Slow Motion Detonation

Slow  –  Black is Black

Robin Hood Association  –  Space Wave





I’m Not The Sort Of Comeback She’ll Admit She Knows

On the Rocktember 14, 2017 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we extended our all-time, not-playing-Spandau Ballet streak and we felt sorry for the people who weren’t born in the ninth month, but we didn’t feel one tiny bit sorry for Spandau Ballet.

Motorhead – God Save the Queen

The Ashley Hundred – Mirage Mirage

Austra – Future Politics

Rhythm of Cruelty – Dysphoria

Robin Hood Association – Ocean Crime

Aron D’Alesio – Destroyer
The Districts – Ordinary Day
Vince Mira – Whats Been Left Behind
Maya Jane Coles – Take Flight
Dwight Yoakam – Guitar, Cadillacs etc
Civvie – Empire 1
War on Drugs – Holding On
Cut Offs – Pushing it to the Limit
Woolworm – Judgement Day
Charlie Parr – Dog
Walrus – Family Hangover
Soft Ions – Common Praise
Walter Etc. – All Connotations
Turnover – Super Natural
Joe Ely – Honky Tonk Masquerade
Trailer Trash Traceys – Eden Machine
Black Flag – Nothing Left Inside
Benjamin Gibbard – Metal Baby
Dim=Sum – Enemy Point

You’ll Be Glad You Have Your Comeback When They Drop The Sarin Gas

On the August 24, 2017 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we gave special consideration to aluminum, the time of the season, and what it means to be truly atonal.

Ass Ponys  –  Dried Up

the Better Beatles  –  Paperback Writer

Faith Healer  –  Might As Well

Jordan O’Jordan  –  Blame Fashion

That Petrol Emotion  –  Groove Check

Spoon  –  Pink Up

Soft Ions  –  Common Praise

Black Moth Super Rainbow  –  The Afternoon Turns Pink

Tar  –  Good Part (Wrong Band)

Slates  –  New Day

Child Actress  –  Fully Waterproof

Thony Shorby Nyenwi  –  No Wrong Show

Vita & the Woolf  –  Bury You

Dixie’s Death Pool  –  The Balance of Life is Restored

Wendy O. Williams  –  Ain’t None of Your Business

the Pixies  –  Tony’s Theme

Drakkar Sauna  –  Drakkar Sauna Says Motherfuck John Ashcroft

Budgie  –  Rocking Man

Civvie  –  Encroachment

Valerie June  –  If And

Bo Diddley  –  Working Man

FemBots  –  Can I Be Your Mirror?

Spaceways Incorporated  –  Back of a Cab (for Jackie Mittoo)


Comeback Is The Only Thing That Makes Me Smile

On the August 10, 2017 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we enjoyed some memories we hadn’t made yet, loved who we love, issued some idle threats, and maybe had some misgivings about some of the things but not all of the things.

Bry Webb  –  Rivers of Gold

King Sunny Ade and His African Beats  –  Iro

Los Campesinos  –  The Fall of Home

NoMeansNo  –  Sex Mad

Napalmpom  –  Feint of Heart

Peggy Lee  –  Hallelujah! I Love Him So!

Offa Rex  –  The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

the Decemberists  –  Red Right Ankle

Civvie  –  Humoresque Gris

D’Angelo & the Vanguard  –  Back to the Future (Part 1)

Kris Kristofferson  –  The Silver Tongued Devil and I

Klangstof  –  Sleaze

Couleur Dessin  –  (Train Track)

Guillermo Gregorio Trio  –  Red Skies

Sneaks  –  Inside Edition

Crystal Eyes  –  Say Something

Les Savy Fav  –  New Teen Anthem

See Through Dresses  –  Pretty Police

Galactic  –  Heart of Steel

Slight  –  Origin of Birds

the Bad Livers  –  Lust for Life

Sick Boss  –  Bad Buddhist



Nobody Sings A Comeback Song Quite Like You Do

On the June 29, 2017 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we took attendance, made some calls, shared some stuff, kept some other stuff to ourselves, and were not able to answer the skill-testing question.

Devo  –  Gut Feeling (Slap Your Mammy)

Blondie  –  Hanging on the Telephone

Harlan T. Bobo  –  Crazy With Loneliness

Rocket From the Crypt  –  Chantilly Face

the Give ‘Em Hell Boys  –  I Ain’t Gonna Write No Songs Today

Soft Ions  –  Common Praise

the Minders  –  Hand on Heart

Eric Dolphy  –  Hat and Beard

Viva Mars  –  Busy, Busy, Busy

Tonnes  –  A New Career

Julia Holter  –  Lucette Stranded On the Island

Waylon Jennings  –  Sweet Music Man

Hollow Everdaze  –  Poisoned by Nostalgia

Germaphobes  –  Smug City

Mac DeMarco  –  For the First Time

Dan Auerbach  –  Livin’ in Sin

Kaunsel  –  Rebar Garden

the Kubasonics  –  Kozak

Teenager  –  Two Middle Fingers

Blimp Rock  –  Wet Hot Canadian Summer

Little Cub  –  Hypnotize

Mokomokai  –  Heavy Metal Sky


A Book Of Poems, A Book Of Knowing Comeback

On the June 15, 2017 edition of the 68Comeback Special, practically all we could think about was how it was just a week until the one thing and the other thing, but we strove hard to remain in the moment, except there were a few times when we caught ourselves thinking about the past, but in those cases we tried not to be too hard on ourselves and instead use accounts of ourselves delivered in the third person to deliver us back to the path on which we…were…or are…or planned on being on…or…

Mogwai  –  White Noise

Daniel Romano  –  Ugly Human Heart pt. 2

Catherine Leduc  –  La Joie Bruyante

Nap Eyes  –  Delirium and Persecution Paranoia

Young Fresh Fellows  –  Hang Out Right

Father John Misty  –  Ballad of the Dying Man

Sneaks  –  Not My Combination

Hazel English  –  More Like You

Fast Romantics  –  Everybody’s Trying to Steal Your Heart

Pinback  –  Soaked

Sylvan Esso  –  Kick Jump Twist

the Dirty Nil  –  Pale Blue

Pointed Sticks  –  Igor Said

the Meat Purveyors  –  Daydreams About Night Things

Ghostkeeper  –  This is Our Love

the Purveyors of Free Will  –  Lament of the Obscure

Minotaurs  –  Don’t Turn Away

Chron Goblin  –  Dry Summer

Tussle  –  Ghost Barber

Islands  –  Kids Don’t Know Shit

Rosie Flores  –  Girl of the Century

Konono No.1  –  Kule Kule



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