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In The Blackest Pit, There Was A Comeback For Me

On the August 11, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, Jom Comyn demonstrated how to destroy the universe in three songs or less, Jerry Jerry didn’t call but Ben Disaster did, and for the 524th consecutive show, we cried to keep from laughing, for maximum comedic effect.

Revocation  –  Theatre of Horror

the Honey Cowboy  –  Beer Wagon

Jom Comyn  –  Wish Upon a Storm

Jom Comyn  –  Black Pits

Jom Comyn  –  Dream Deep

BadBadNotGood  –  Speak Gently

Champion  –  Boing Boing

Caity Fisher  –  Let’s Get Wasted

Wares  –  Beach Date

Jerry Jerry  –  How Can People Be So Wrong?

MSTRKRFT  –  Little Red Hen

the Burning Hell  –  Men Without Hats

Guided by Voices  –  Auditorium

Coffin Break  –  Kill the President

Richard Buckner  –  Once

Veda Hille  –  Love Waves

Eric Copeland  –  Honorable Mentions

Drive Like Jehu  –  Atom Jack

Eyvind Kang  –  Giving Up Completely

Universal Order of Armageddon  –  The Switch is Down

Joe Rabbit  –  Wasn’t Me

Lab Coast  –  Helen Bach

Jay Arner  –  Crystal Ball

BHZ  –  Silent Endeavors





You And Me ‘Til The Wheels Comeback

The August 4, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, what with its talk of vegan food that isn’t good for you, the potential for video game music to heal the world, and former NHL goalies who have yet to have songs written about them, was equal parts no slouch and nothing to sneeze at. Anyone who says otherwise can expect to hear from our lawyers.

Islamic Diggers  –  William Burroughs Don’t Play Guitar

L7  –  ‘Til the Wheels Fall Off

Twin Fangs  –  More Can Go Wrong

Titanium Tunnels  –  5noise

Ruby Karinto  –  JugeMu

Quincy Jones  –  Baby Elephant Walk

Lauren Mann  –  Show Me the Way

the Halo Benders  –  Don’t Touch My Bikini

EL VY  –  I’m the Man to Be

Elbow  –  Grounds for Divorce

Jay Arner  –  Like a Dracula

Charlie Haden  –  Circus ’68 ’69

MSTRKRFT  –  Playing With Itself

Counterfeit Jeans  –  Black Light

Aphex Twin  –  Cheetah2

Elvis Costello  –  Strict Time

the Archaics  –  Sweet Cocoon

Dinosaur Jr.  –  Be a Part

Del Barber & the No Regretzkys  –  Sawchuk

Seratones  –  Sun

Heart Attack Kids  –  Blow Up Dolls

Consilience  –  Home Soon

Sleep  –  Holy Mountain





Like A Flattering Comeback Whispered In My Ear

The tally has been completed, and sure enough, the July 28, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special contained the highest number of oblique references for any two-hour block of time in Edmonton’s history! Even as I write this tiny little introductory paragraph, I’m actually thinking about something else entirely!!!

Gang of Four  –  Anthrax

Radio Free Vestibule  –  How Many Times Has This Happened to You?

Counterfeit Jeans  –  Breeder

Bad Bad Not Good  –  Structure No.3

Pavement  –  Two States

Red Red Meat  –  Chain Chain Chain

George Lewis  –  Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jellyroll

Weird Lines  –  Bother to be Bothered

Deepakalypse  –  Floating On a Sphere

Kurt Vile & the Violators  –  Box of Rain

Chelsea & the Cityscape  –  What I Do

Pkew Pkew Pkew  –  Mid-20s Skateboarder

Vallens  –  Still I Need Dreams

Vic Chesnutt  –  Little Vacation

Young Rival  –  Oh Nancy

Steve Buscemi/Elliott Sharp  –  The Right Spells

DJ Shadow  –  Bergschrund

Al Tuck  –  Daddy It’s Dark

Band of Horses  –  Hag

Red Fang  –  Flies

Lutra Lutra  –  Miser Remedy

Deerhoof  –  Life is Suffering

Sleep  –  From Beyond




Comeback’s A Good Answer

On the July 21, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we got a nice visit from some company, we observed the onset of fun times close to home, fun times farther away from home, unfun times farther away from home, and our means of getting to those places.

Hayden  –  Dynamite Walls

the Joe  –  Klondike Days

Wet Secrets  –  The Ballad of El Doucho

Summer Cannibals  –  Full of It

Alice Cooper  –  Billion Dollar Babies

Marlaena Moore  –  24 Hour Drug Store

Beulah  –  Emma Blowgun’s Last Stand

Iggy Pop  –  American Valhalla

Moulettes  –  Pufferfish Love

Hot Little Rocket  –  Down With Safe

Rank and File  –  Sundown

Ford Madox Ford  –  Expect It

Three O’Clock Train  –  Train of Dreams

Three O’Clock Train  –  Fake Honeymoon

the Besnard Lakes  –  The Bray Road Beast

Fury Things  –  Mutter

Al Tuck  –  Stompin’ Tom

DJ Shadow  –  The Mountain Will Fall



I Took Her Apart ‘Cuz She Broke My Comeback

On the July 14, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, it was SOCAN survey time, so we basically did what we always do, but with more documentation. We spoke French from time to time. We legally changed a man’s name (not really). And we used the same word many, many times.

Disciples of Power  –  In Dust We Trust

Borscht  –  Boys Who Make Out

Pwr Bttm  –  Dairy Queen

Les Sœurs Boulay  –  Lola En Confiture

Quincy Jones  –  Sanford & Son Theme (The Streetbeater)

the Hanson Brothers  –  My Girlfriend’s a Robot

Pup  –  Sleep in the Heat

Veda Hille  –  Charismatic M.F.

Cub  –  Everything’s Geometry

Marie Pierre Arthur  –  Si Tu Savais

the Primrods  –  Army Picnic

Cold Warps  –  I’m With You

the Get Down  –  Gut Feeling

Switches  –  Super Eight

Slates  –  Minarets

Pangina  –  Full Metal Moustache

Secret Mommy  –  Pool

Black Mountain  –  Mothers of the Sun

Suuns  –  Resistance

Lonesome Dove  –  Wild Bill

the Constantines  –  National Hum

Harlan T. Bobo  –  Bad Boyfriends

Summer Cannibals  –  I Wanna Believe

Mr. Rick  –  Liquor Store Blues






What Are You Doing Here, In My Comeback?

On the July 7, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, Tom had company which didn’t include Craig*, he had greater insight into the strength and beauty of staccato than anyone else, ever, and he had the element of surprise. No wonder it went the way it did.

Gojira- The Shooting
Fury Things – Some Things
Webb – Edge of the World
Strength of Materials – Even Smaller
Sara Watkins – One Last Time
Steelpole Bathtub – Train to Miami
High Bar Gang – Red Wicked Wine
Fury Things – Silence is Okay
Veda Hille – Lover/Hater
Fury Things – Shake
Soul Asylum – Tied to the Tracks
Greys – Erosion
TTWWRRSS – Novopassky
Diarrhea Planet – Announcement
Islands – Fear
Daniel Romano – I’m Alone Now
Dandy Warhols – Styggo
Lab Coast – The Pointe of it All
Sleepkit – Weird Sun
Krang – Winds of Change

*it was Kent, the man Craig wants to portray him in the movie about his life.

He’ll Give Up Anything For Lasagna, Unless He Has To Give Up On His Comeback

Tom flew solo on the June 30, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special because Craig was far away, auditioning for a part in the new feature-length movie, Garfield Vacations in Central Canada. He did that Strombo imitation everyone begs for, learned to play the vibraphone live on-air, and Chef Brenda was in during the last segment, teaching everyone how to grill their Canada Day tempeh to perfection.

Sludgehammer  The Black Abyss
Young Magic – Held
Doug Hoyer – Time Will Leave You Behind
Mavis Staples – Your Good Fortune
Deerhoof – Life is Suffering
Members of The National – Terrapin Station
Suuns – Un No
Joanna Brouk – Lifting Off
Black Mountain – Mother of the Sun
Pretty City – Fun Machine
Jay Arner – Back to School
Lou Rawls – Here Comes Garfield
Yenta – Handstyle 2 Dust
Andy Shauf – Early to the Party
Daniel Romano – One Hundred Regrets Avenue
Besnard Lakes – Tungsten 4
The Highest Order – Hardball
The Honey Cowboy – Where Does Your Honey Come From?
Plaid – Clock
Atlantis Jazz Ensemble – Yemaya
Black Absinthe – Winter

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