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The Comeback Never Ends, As Long As We Have Blood And Guts

We really do enjoy having company at the 68Comeback Special, so we were really happy with the April 28, 2016 edition because of all the nice Shuylers and Marlaenas that dropped by. If you tuned in, then you know that for yourself. If you didn’t, when will you ever learn?

Quincy Jones  –  Hummin’

Tony Conrad  and Hangedup  –  Transit of Venus

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists  –  Even Heroes Have to Die

Tough Age  –  Warm Hair

Napalmpom  –  Feint of Heart

Eagles of Death Metal  –  I Like to Move In the Night

Drinking Flowers  –  Your Own Sounds

Redrick Sultan  –  Batman Jesus

Wintersleep  –  Freak Out

Death From Above 1979  –  Trainwreck 1979

Shuyler Jansen  –  Blue Rolls the River

Shuyler Jansen  –  We Were So Young

Marlaena Moore  –  Gaze

Shuyler Jansen  –  Unknowing Heart

Marlaena Moore  –  Feel It

Jr. Gone Wild  –  I Fell Dumb

Sleep  –  From Beyond




Life Is Just A Comeback, And Comebacks Weren’t Meant To Last

On the April 21, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we had a bit of a bummer situation to deal with. Sometimes it snows in April.

Arcwelder  –  What Did You Call It That For

Dump  –  1999

the Besnard Lakes  –  The Plain Moon

Willie Nelson  –  I Couldn’t Believe It Was True

Igor Stravinsky  –  Rite of Spring

Holgans  –  Luvdrugz

Nasty On  –  Please Kill Me

Laura Gibson  –  Empire Builder

Jackie McLean  –  Omega

Laura Sauvage  –  White Trash Theatre School

Art Bergman  –  Cassandra

Notta Comet  –  Warehouse Blues

Cowpuncher  –  White Veil

Pale Eyes  –  Ambivalent

the Replacements  –  Never Take the Place of Your Man





Some things you just have to do as soon as humanly possible. You send out your thank-yous to the those who helped you paint your kid’s room. You hammer out a (very detailed!) agreement with the John Carpenter fanatic in your life. And you have an emergency meeting about What Is To Be Done just as soon as you receive word that Pere Ubu is planning a tour. If you are to be thought of as a responsible person, you take care of the necessities. On the April 14, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we showed that we are to be thought of as responsible people.

the Budos Band  –  Origin of Man

Bash & Pop  –  Tickled to Tears

Bry Webb  –  Rivers of Gold

See Through 5  –  More Faults Than California

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down  –  Slash/Burn

Suuns  –  Un-No

the Bonzo Dog Band  –  The Intro and the Outro

Pere Ubu  –  All the Dogs Are Barking

Animal Collective  –  We Tigers

Bleached  –  Keep On Keepin’ On

Nudie  –  I Had to Learn About Sheila the Hard Way

the Zorgs  –  Uptight Rhythm

Sleepkit  –  Constantinople

Black Mountain  –  Constellations

Tetrix  – Japan

Purveyors of Free Will  –  My Mind Is a Brand New Nation

Peter & the Wolves  –  Hey Hey Veronica

Yeasayer  –  I Am Chemistry

John Carpenter  –  Distant Dreams

Minotaurs  –  Weird Waves

Dr. Lonnie Smith  –  Afrodesia




Are You Comeback? It’s Easy

The March 31, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special featured a reconsideration of all the advice, good and bad, we’ve given or gotten over our whole entire lives, with particular attention paid to the difference any of it could possibly have made. Craig wondered if he was physically capable of playing requests. No matter what your best friend (who is a dirty liar) told you, we made absolutely no mention of elevators or knockoff Eames chairs.

the Barracudas  –  I Thought You Sounded That Way Yesterday

Neutral Milk Hotel  –  Song Against Sex

Drinking Flowers  –  Your Own Sounds

June of 44  –  Arms Over Arteries

Pee Shy  –  Little Dudes

Shining Wizard w/ Grace Brooks & James Goddard  –  Misery Pause

Bob Mould  –  The End of Things

Black Mountain  –  Constellation

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down  –  Nobody Dies

Bruce McCulloch  –  40 Housewives

Vince Guaraldi Trio  –  Moon River

Urge Overkill  –  Vacation in Tokyo

Eric Bachmann  –  Belong to You

Prince Rama  –  Your Life in the End

Sam Cash & the Romantic Dogs  –  Act Like We’re in Love

Shotgun Jimmie  –  Join the Band

Liima  –  Amerika

the 427’s  –  Tijuana Sunset

Françoise Hardy  –  Ce N’est Pas Un Reve

Underworld  –  You





I Never Thought I’d Comeback To This

On the March 24, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we read a chapter from the Book of Vega, enjoyed the nice dog-ness of nice dogs, and told a story of a wise man who returned at the wrong time and then again at the right time. We tried to warn you about driving your grandkids around with you in the car, too, but it was hard to tell if you listened.

the Spinanes  –  Winter On Ice

A Tribe Called Quest  –  Keep it Rollin’

TV Freaks  –  Overreacting

Alan Vega/Alex Chilton/Ben Vaughn  –  Come On Lord

Balthazar  –  Nightclub

Yvonne Elliman  –  I Don’t Know How To Love Him

Basia Bulat  –  The Garden

Afghan Whigs  –  The Temple

Nobaby  –  Ghosts You See

Kicking Giant  –  The Town Idiot

Françoise Hardy  –  Je T’Aime

Humanities  –  Your Dreams Are My Dreams

Jimmy Smith  –  The Sunny Side of the Street

FWY  –  The 57

Misery Mountain Boys  –  Long Gone Cat Daddy

Savages  –  Sad Person

Ty Segall  –  Squealer

Matt Patershuk  –  Back Against the Wall

Gazebos  –  Just Get High

Minotaurs  –  Weird Waves

Robert Burkosky  –  Illicit Dreams

Goya  –  The Devil’s Prey





Satan Brands, Comeback Tattoos, You Can’t Believe the Things I’ve Seen

Tom did it all himself on the March 17, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, and in so doing, he led all the snakes back into Ireland. Celebrate THAT if you think you’re up to it.

The Clash – The Equaliser

Junior Boys – You Say That

Dr. Lonnie Smith – Play it Back

Violent Femmes – I Could Be Anything

Linsey Wellman -Avec Laquelle

Charles Bradley – Nobody But You

Note to Future Self – Space Race Haste

Hot Dad Jesus & Friends – Dog Chin Myopia

Damien Jurado – Qachina

The James Hunter 6 – This is Where we Came In

Steelpole Bathtub – Train to Miami

Drinking Flowers – Bending Halos

Arlo Maverick – Liquid Comfort Pt. 2

Jr. Gone Wild – Fine Scotch

Zones – Heats

Freakwater – Bolshevik and Bollweevil

Jerk in a Can – Cheers for Fears

Nap Eyes – Lion in Chains

Van Halst – Plastic Smile

Holding Hands – It’s Funny

Dexter Gordon – Society Bed

I Got the Whole Damn Comeback On Their Knees

On the March 10, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we talked about the dreams we had last night, noted the strong resemblance certain things can bear to certain other things,  and considered the changes a radioactive lizard can effect on the geography of a place.

the Primrods  –  All Right Tokyo!

Shonen Knife  –  Public Bath

Archie Shepp  –  Attica Blues

Joel Plaskett  –  Through & Through & Through

Jerk With a Bomb  –  Hospital Bed

Gazebos  –  I Don’t Wanna Be Here

Ty Segall  –  Breakfast Eggs

Blue Oyster Cult  –  Godzilla

Minotaurs  –  Underground Age

Mike Smith & Jonathan Adjemiam  –  Sixth Transcombobulation

Four Brothers  –  Wakasarudza Akanaka

Nobaby  –  Love is In the Air

Miranda July  –  I Can-Japan

Tom Waits  –  Big In Japan

Françoise Hardy  –  Ce Petit Coeur

Mavis Staples – Jesus Lay Down Beside Me

Charles Bradley – Changes

Lust for Youth  –  Track 5

Lifetones  –  For a Reason

Couteau Papillon  –  Beachhead

Holy Serpent  –  The Plague




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