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Would It Spoil Some Vast Comeback Plan?

On the November 24, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we were thankful for our American neighbours, gymnasiums full of guitar-strumming children, moustaches, the time we get with people we want to get time with, and every single weird dream we’ve ever had more than once.

the Magnetic Fields  –  If I Were a Rich Man

William S. Burroughs  –  A Thanksgiving Prayer

Alejandro Escovedo  –  Redemption Blues

Avec Pas d’Casque  –  Hu-Hum

Pangina  –  Full Metal Moustache

Butterglory  –  Sad Moustache Men

Popular Workshop  –  Villains Who Twirl Their Moustaches Are Easy to Spot

Tee-Tahs  –  I Wish That I

Small Factory  –  For When You Cannot Land

Parquet Courts  –  You’ve Got Me Wonderin’ Now

Monomyth  –  Drinking in Bed in E

His Clancyness  –  Calm Reaction

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings  –  What Have You Done for Me Lately

Os Tropies  –  Undercovers Girl

Lambchop  –  Relatives #2

Wolf People  –  Thistles

Expanda Fuzz  –  The Disco Sounds of Roof Rack

La Femme  –  Elle Ne T’Aime Pas

Red Hot Gospel  –  I Traded You For Spare Time

Klangstof  –  Seasons

Esquivel  –  Who’s Sorry Now?

Okkervil River  –  Comes Indiana Through the Smoke

Langley Schools Music Project  –  Saturday Night

Port Juvee  –  Trapped Under Water

Emile Bilodeau  –  Les Poetes Maudits

Derm Keen & An Incredible Woman  –  Better Things




Butter 08

But There’s Comeback In Your Eyes That Says ‘Maybe’

On the November 17, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we were happy for Kurt Cobain’s sake that he finally got his wish, we reflected on job opportunities and wondered if it would be better to not do something by choice or by edict, we got Smilin’ Jay through some thick traffic, we hated on people who move away and we set a trap for Dave Luxton, and he STEPPED RIGHT IN IT.

Nirvana  –  Pennyroyal Tea

Tanya Tagaq  –  Rape Me

Tuneyards  –  You Yes You

Kenna Burima  –  Hymn for An Angry Man

Mary Margaret O’Hara  –  To Cry About

the Stooges  –  Down On the Street

Romeo Void  –  Never Say Never

the Spinanes  –  Grand Prize

the James T. Kirks  –  Tales of the Iron Horse

Robin Hunter & the Six Foot Bullies  –  Lonely Coffee Cups

Amy Van Keeken & Timeloop  –  Uneasy

Brazilian Money  –  All in Good Time

Soul Coughing  –  Lazybones

Emile Bilodeau  –  Crise Existentielle

Red Fang  –  Cut it Short

Like a Motorcycle  –  High Hopes

Duchess Says  –  Inertia, Pt. II

Motorama  –  Someone is Missed

Juliana Hatfield  –  Needle in the Hay

Kostars  –  One Sunny Day

Klangstof  –  Hostage






When Boarding Airplanes, Takes The Aisle And Keeps The Comeback

The November 10, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special was shot through with the typical feelings of alarm and cautious relief  that we have come to expect from ourselves.

Say Hi to Your Mom  –  Prefers Unhappy Endings

Duotang  –  Karma Needs to Come Around

Happy Family  –  We Love You We Don’t Love You

We Are Wolves  –  Au Revoir Les Crapules

the Poppy Family  –  Where Evil Grows

Julien Baker  –  Ballad of Big Nothing

Los Campesinos  –  Romance is Boring

Black Thunder  –  Agents of Decay

Spoon  –  I Could Be Underground

Miesha & the Spanks  –  Stranger

Knots  –  Backstroke

Port Juvee  –  Bleached Out Soda Pop

Untrained Animals  –  I Got Rocks

Exalt  –  I Dove Into the Sun

Douse  –  Hypertension

Hefner  –  Love Will Destroy Us in the End

Hidden Cameras  –  The Day I Left Home

Drive-By Truckers  –  Surrender Under Protest

Red Cain  –  Hiraeth

100 Mile House  –  Hiraeth

Red Hot Gospel  –  Joe’s Guitar

Danny Brown  –  Rolling Stone

Tuber  –  Desert Overcrowded



Sipping From This Comeback Cup

Tom flew solo on the October 27, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, taking the opportunity to practice some advanced skillz like loop-the-loops and the other thing where you fly straight up until the engine stalls and then start it again before tragedy, y’know, strikes. AND – if he told you once, he told you a million times, next show is our FunDrive 2016 show.

Black Thunder  –  Space Fives
Arab Strap  –  Turbulence
Cantoo  –  Pet Semetary
Forbidden Dimension  –  The Lucifer Train
Witchstone  –  The Sludgelands
Dearly Beloved  –  Who Wants to Know?
John Guliak  –  Sail Away
Duotang  –  That’s What Keeps Us Alive
Drugdealer  –  Suddenly
Jason Sharp  –  A Boat Upon Its Blood Pt 1
Eliza Mary-Doyle  –  Vancouver
The Archaics  –  Not For Nothing
Royal Canoe  –  Living a Lie
Anion  –  God’s Day Off
Mogwai  –  Chocky
Pack AD  –  Anyway
Angel Olsen  –  Shut Up Kiss Me
Automatisme  –  Simultaneite
Surprise Party  –  The Rapture
Sirr  –  Crazy Caterpillar
Lazyhorse  –  If You Come Running Back
Dexter Gordon  –  Society Red

Get No Joy, Always Comeback Within

On the October 20, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, while we didn’t exactly wear it ON our sleeve, it was close, really close. Tune in next week when, thanks to International Tank Top Day, we’re going to have to be extra-specially clever.

Son Volt  –  Right On Through

No Age  –  Everybody’s Down

the Pack A.D.  –  Yes, I Know

Free Judges  –  Ex-El

Expanda Fuzz  –  Robot Buildings

Jas. Mathus and His Knockdown Society  –  Jesus is a Dying Bedmaker

Borzoi  –  Prayer Detective

PJ Harvey  –  Man Size

Avec Pas D’Casque  –  La Peur de Perdre

Groenland  –  Distractions

Sub Dub  –  Jawbreaker

Pink Mountaintops  –  Can You Do That Dance?

Fond of Tigers  –  Wonder What We’re Whispering For

Times New Viking  –  End of All Things

Lou Reed  –  The Last Shot

Willie Nelson  –  Pretend I Never Happened

Songs: Ohia  –  Farewell Transmission

Iggy & the Stooges  –  Gimme Danger

TV Freaks  –  Act of Contrition

Soul Mates  –  Bad Blood

Tao  –  Esoteric Red

the Mummies  –  Shut Yer Mouth

Pang Attack  –  Mr. Mandible

Stay In My Kitchen, Have My Own Comeback In The Bathroom

People may get all worried and superstitious about Thursdays the 13th, but on the October 13, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, it was high-minded and levelheaded all the way through. Literature, worthwhile human pursuits, the appearance in our dreams of well-loved, intelligent people with unreasonable but entirely fulfillable expectations and the right of the artist to have a say in how she or he is represented in the media were all topics of conversation, though it probably never sounded much like that.

Bob Dylan  –  Talkin’ Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues

Andre Ethier  –  Always and Forever

M. Ward  –  Primitive Girl

L.T. Leif  –  Oh My

Angel Olsen  –  Shut Up Kiss Me

Waycross  –  I Wanna Be Hugged to Death by You

Steve Reich  –  Tehillim

Randy Newman  –  Short People

Robbie Fulks  –  I Push Right Over

Psychic Twin  –  Running in the Dark

Bitter Fictions  –  No. III

Prisonshake  –  Hurry

Counterfeit Jeans  –  Fairy Ring

John Guliak  –  Sail Away

KLLO  –  On My Name

Hüsker Dü  –  Sorry Somehow

Strange Broue  –  Druglust!

Ford Pier  –  Of Course He is a Magnificent Driver

Weird Lines  –  Fade in My Heart

Latcho Drom  –  Fade Like a Chronographer

Bonehawk  –  Albino Rhino

We’ll Never Know Where The Comeback Goes

Revisiting old friends! Getting to know new enemies! Honing our conflict resolution skills! That’s what Autumn is all about, so that’s what the October 6, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special was all about!

Edith Frost  –  Cold and On My Mind

Ellington/Mingus/Roach  –  REM Blues

Les Deuxluxes  –  Smoke Me

Tropic Harbour  –  In Our Dreams

Excepter  –  Second Chances

the Julie Ruin  –  A Place Called Won’t Be There

Tanya Tagaq  –  Sulfur

Califone  –  Funeral Singers

Amy Van Keeken & Timeloop  –  Diamond Mind

Masanka Sankayi + Kasai Allstars  –  Wa Muluendu

Art D’ecco  –  Rita Mitsouko

At/All  –  Deeper

Stagmummer  –  Little Scratches

Whitey Houston  –  Polemique Animé

John Guliak  –  Sail Away

Weird Lines  –  One Fell Swoop

Counterfeit Jeans  –  No Desire

Communism  –  Take Care of Each Other

Forbidden Dimension  –  Creepsville

the Archaics  –  Sweet Cocoon

Sleep  –  Dopesmoker Part 4



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