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The Hand That Holds Us Down, We Reach Out To Comeback

We believe it was the January 19, 2017 edition of the 68Comeback Special when we wished Buffy Summers the happiest of birthdays, while also acknowledging that neither she nor anyone else would or could protect us from the onrushing future, such as it’s likely to be.

Freakwater  –  One Big Union

Say Hi To Your Mom  –  These Fangs

Old Reliable  –  Must of Been the Devil

Rotary Downs  –  False Protection

Dr. Wylie  –  She’s Had a Few

French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson  –  Haisai Oji San

Gord Downie  –  Swing Set

Cop Shoot Cop  –  Turning Inside Out

the Primrods  –  Bully Proof Vest

Entombed  –  Wreckage

Pang Attack  –  Time and Dementia

Kruder & Dorfmeister  –  High Noon

Tom Ze  –  Proposta de Amor

the Thermals  –  Here’s Your Future

Motorhead  –  America

Coffin Break  –  Kill the President

Peabo Bryson  –  Go For It

Jake Ian  –  Highway 855

Public Animal  –  It Don’t Seem Right

Latcho Drom  –  Cocoa Haley

Dyslexic Postcards  –  Now They Know

Psychic Pollution  –  The Last Door to Consciousness

Krang  –  Winds of Change



What Makes You Think You’re Special When You Comeback?

On the January 12, 2017 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we made damn sure that everybody knows that if anything goes seriously wrong, it’s not our fault, but if an inadvertent dance party breaks out, we might have had something to do with that.

Phosphorescent  –  Reasons to Quit

Friends of Dean Martinez  –  Cordova

Whitney Rose  –  3 Minute Love Affair

His Clancyness  –  Dreams Building Dreams

Skin Yard  –  Hey Bulldog

the Upsetters  –  Tight Spot

Juste Robert  –  Golden Storm

Unsane  –  Dispatched

Cawama  –  Perfectomundo

Carolyn Mark  –  You Make Everything Better

Req  –  Something

Jeen  –  All Night All Day

Out Hud  –  Dad, There’s a Little Phrase Called Too Much Information

Thelonious Monk  –  Boo Boo’s Birthday

Smoky & the Feelings  –  Chores

Shub  –  Crazy Horse

Latcho Drom  –  Cocoa Haley

Hobo Lord  –  Shake ’em Dead

Fist City  –  Hey Little Sister

Camaro 67  –  The Road

the National  –  Terrapin Station

And I’m Much More A Comeback Man Inside

We were especially happy that you could join us for the January 5, 2017 edition of the ’68Comeback Special. We take the transition from one year to the next very seriously at 68Comeback. The first show of the New Year is the one during which you lay out your path for the coming year and share it with the world, and it might have been the first time ever that we played Einstürzende Neubaten, and it raised those same complicated feelings that it always raises about the Monks.

the Handsome Family  –  Tin Foil

Einstürzende Neubaten  –  Kollaps

Monomyth  –  Palpitations

Arkey Blue  –  Living on Credit

Oh Susanna   –  Old Kate

Saxsyndrum  –  Up to You

Ben Kweller  –  How It Should Be (Sha Sha)

Built to Spill  –  Big Dipper

Gord Downie  –  Don’t Let This Touch You

Paul Newman  –  Enter the Empire of the Ants

Ladyhawk  –  S.T.H.D.

Sarah Beatty  –  Dig Before You Sow

Thomas D’Arcy & Friends  –  Love in Stereo

Black Thunder  –  Dece Welfare

Red Fang  –  The Smell of the Sound

Wilfred N and the Grown Men  –  Pluto

Sarah Beatty  –  Prehistoric Sludge

Hello Moth  –  Some Shadows

Fist City  –  Hey Little Sister

Future States  –  Wish You Well

Witchstone  –  The Sludgelands




Before I Was A Comeback I Was A Comeback

On the December 29, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we bade farewell to what never seemed like much of a year while being careful not to get too enthusiastic for the next one, which doesn’t seem likely to offer any better. We think we played a song at the wrong speed though it was hard to tell for certain, we think we should have played another song at a higher speed even if it was the wrong speed, but mostly we played songs at the right speed.

Dump  –  So Long

Mac McCaughan  –  Happy New Year (Prince Can’t Die Again)

Jpnsgrls  –  Brace Yourself

L7  –  ‘Til the Wheels Fall Off

Dagan Harding  –  Engaged/Divorced

the Evaporators  –  I Don’t Need My Friends to Tell Me Who My Friends Are

Swanton Bombs  –  Doom

Parkland  –  Biggest Fan

the Juan Maclean  –  You Were a Runaway

Bebop Cortez  –  Man of the Year

Cat Power  –  He War

Sad13  –  Get a Yes

Quincy Jones  –  Hummin’

the Stooges  –  Loose

Les Georges Leningrad  –  Lollipop Lady

Glad Rags  –  Meat Legs

Forth Wanderers  –  Unfold

Belle and Sebastian  –  If You’re Feeling Sinister

Neko Case  –   That Teenage Feeling

Mos Def  –  Quiet Dog Bite Hard

Les Savy Fav  –  Brace Yourself

the Mountain Goats  –  No Children


Comeback Tree Needs Me To Climb

On the December 15, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we fucking killed it. Without a doubt. Ask Bradley J. Sime. He was there, he saw it happen.

Sparklehorse  –  Homecoming Queen

Red Fang  –  The Smell of the Sound

Jons  –  At Work On Several Things

Hindi Zahra  –  At the Same Time

Latin Playboys  –  Crayon Sun

Wise Child  –  Get Ugly

John K. Samson  –  Vampire Alberta Blues

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion  –  Afro

Diana  –  What You Get

Vince Guaraldi Trio  –  Linus and Lucy

the Stooges  –  I Wanna Be Your Dog

Dead Fibres  –  Disgusting Motives

Chocolat  –  On est Meilleurs Qu’R.E.M.

Cheri Knight  –  Very Last Time

Christine Perfect  –  I Want You

Lambchop  –  Directions to the Can

Klangstofer  –  Sleaze

Bradley J. Sime  –  Creature From Old Swumpee

Bradley J. Sime  –  Elephant Blues

Tin & the Toad  –  There is a Place

Public Animal  –  Procession

Mogwai  –  New Paths to Helicon Pt.I



You’re Worth The Comeback And You’re Worth The Pain

How much fun was the December 8, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special? We had company and we had more company, there was the Grade 10 Report, an official Zappadan observance, and a terrible mistake. There were a couple of things said that could prove problematic in about 20 years. It was all too much like a dream.

Frank Zappa  –  For Calvin (and His Next Two Hitch-Hikers)

We Are Wolves  –  Wicked Games

Black Thunder  –  Ripped Out of Your Face

Garage a Trois  –  Merpati

Monomyth  –  Re:Lease Life (Place 2 Go)

Birds Bear Arms  –  Predictable

Sham  –  Keep it Together

Sad13  –  Get a Yes

Angel Olsen  –  Not Gonna Kill You

Klangstof  –  Sleaze

Belle & Sebastian  –  Like Dylan in the Movies

the James T. Kirks  –  (Do the) Pulley Shake

Concealer  –  Place to Hide

Duchess Says  –  Inertia

Latcho Drom  –  Knapweed

Alejandro Escovedo  –  Horizontal

Brunt  –  Blackbeard


You’re Barking Up The Comeback Tree

Not that we at the 68Comeback Special acknowledge the possibility of year-curses or any such thing, but 2016, your days are numbers(ed). And, given our proximity to a brand new year, allowing for the possibility of soul searches, allowing for the possibility of fearless personal inventories, allowing for the possibility of course corrections and/or attitude adjustments, for the December 1, 2016 edition, we briefly considered the act of looking in the mirror and not recognizing the face looking back, but we ultimately decided that more information was needed, we would table discussion of the motion until after we’ve received back a couple of committee reports.

Evaporators  –  Ogopogo Punk

Preoccupation  –  Zodiac

Off World  –  I

JD & the Sunshine Band  –  Manitoba Bandit

Duotang  –  A Suitable Distraction

Kestrels  –  Are You Alone?

Drive-By Truckers  –   Even South

Lisa LeBlanc  –  City Slickers and Country Boys

Thistle  –  Tonight

Tangiers  –  I Don’t Love You

Zachary Lucky  –  Lost My Way

Communism  –  Forgiveness

Duchess Says  –  I Repeat Myself

Drugdealer  –  Sea of Nothing

Jesus & Mary Chain  –  Something’s Wrong

Panther  –  You Don’t Want Your Nails Done

Brazilian Money  –  Face Tattoo

Lemonheads  –  Ballarat

David Buchbinder  –  Prayer

Groon/Rak and Targus  –  Incoming Transmission From the Duke

the Kinks  –  Harry Rag

the Dirty Nil  –  Wrestle Yü to Hüsker Dü

Monomyth  –  Aloha

Afghan Whigs  –  I Keep Coming Back


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