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How Would You Like To Get Your 68Comeback Slapped?

On the December 12, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we played songs for Chad/my mysterious older sister, neither of whom were listening. Also: the ascendance of Esther Grey, the sad/wonderful story of how Arcade Fire help me with my household chores and the return of Icky Joey and/or Waylon Jennings and/or Kim Deal.

Black Dice  –  Kokomo

Mullet & Steps  –  My Only Weapon

Silkworm  –  Couldn’t You Wait?

Icky Joey  –  Total Catharsis

Old 97’s & Waylon Jennings  –  The Other Shoe

the Sadies  –  Starting All Over Again

Tim Hecker  –  Stab Variation

Kim Deal  –  Wish I Was

Barrence Whitfield & the Savages  –  Daddy’s Gone to Bed

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan  –  Windflower

Arkade Fire  –  Normal Person

Diamond Rugs  –  Christmas in a Chinese Restaurant

Esther Grey  –  The Hairy Ballerina

Esther Grey  –  Night Calls

Dot Wiggin Band – Fella With a Happy Heart

Destroyer = Babieca

Jom Comyn – Wish Upon a Storm

Bardo Pond – Taste

Howe Gelb – Vortexas

Brian Eno – Mother of Violence

Soundgarden – Hand of God

Pistol George Warren – High School Blues

Arcade Fire – Games Without Frontiers

It’s Time To Pay The 68Comeback Toll

On the November 21, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we observed the formation of a new feature by barely observing it at all, celebrated the universe-wide premiere of a new Wintercount song by paying no mind to its true universe-wide premiere, and discussed all that needed discussing. If you tuned in, then you know.

Tortoise  –  Eros

Wet Secrets  –  Easy Prey vs. Sex Maniac

Unwed Mothers  –  White Knight

BR5-49  –  18 Wheels & a Crowbar

Arcade Fire  –  Here Comes the Night Time

ZZTop  –  I Thank You

Red Red Meat  –  Gauze

NoMeansNo  –  Now

Peter Van Huffel’s Gorilla Mask  –  Dirty City

Denison/Kimball Trio  –  Blueball Avenue

King Khan & the Shrines  –  Yes I Can’t

Simply Saucer  –  Dance the Mutation

Nazareth  –  All Nite Radio

Wintercount – Suzy

Napalmpom – Fat Lip

Robbie Fulks – I’ll Trade You Money Wine

Best Coast – I Wanna Know

V/A Inside LlewlynDavis – The Auld Triangle

Porcelain Raft – Think of the Ocean

Gordie McKeeman and his Rhythm Boys – Heroes of the Sidewalk

Quartetski – L’Adoration de la Terre.

In The Back Of My Mind I Was Afraid It Might Be True

On the October 31, 2013, first ever post-Lou edition of the 68Comeback Special, we’re told we were especially funny, and even though we were shooting for spooky, sometimes you just gotta take what you can get. Y’know?

Lou Reed  –  Turn Out the Light

the Replacements  –  Black Diamond

the Darcys  –  Peg

Slint  –  Nosferatu Man

Lou Reed  –  Halloween Parade

Zeus  –  The Ballad of El Goodo

Thomas Darcy & Friends  –  Inter-City Kitty

Eamon McGrath  –  Uninvited Guest

the Baptist Generals  –  My O My

Dinosaur Bones  –  Nothing Left Between the Lines

Pablo Cruise/Lou Reed  –  Metal Machine Music Helps Out Love Will Find A Way

Solids  –  Blame Confusion

Booker T. Jones/Lou Reed  –  The Bronx

Tad – Sex God Missy

Silent Terror – Money Makes the World Go Round

Daniel Romano – A New Love

The Sadies – First Five Minutes

Aroara – 10

Tim Hecker – Prism

Esmerine – Lost River Blues 1

Came To Your Party, Ate All The Hors D’oeuvres, ‘Cause We’re 68Comeback

It was August 22, 2013, and the 68Comeback Special wanted to make their listeners happy. So they bitterly mocked those who would suggest that summer was ending, replayed a song for Chad that they played for him a couple of weeks before but he didn’t hear and rocked their friend, Sam. They tried to get to the bottom of the most minor plot point to be found in all six Star Wars movies and Gabe delivered an all-time classic Summertime Fun report (did you miss it? Tough shit).

L7  –  Pretend We’re Dead

the Halo Benders  –  Don’t Touch My Bikini

Fembots  –  Campfire Song

By Divine Right  –  No One Can Fix Me

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down  –  Brand New Key

Duplex  –  Yr. Mama

Req  –  Symbolic 3

Camper Van Beethoven  –  (We’re A)  Bad Trip

Needles/Pins  –  I Don’t Mind

Verbena  –  The Desert

Les Savy Fav  –  Scotchguard the Credit Card

B.A. Johnston  –  Luke Skywalker is a Whiney Baby

Dexter Gordon  –  Smile

Cancer Bats  –  French Immersion

Dirty Beaches  –  I Don’t Know How to Find My Way Back to You

Moderat  –  Bad Kingdom

Arjun  –  Radio Star

Blank Generation  –  World Situation ’80’s

Black Oak Arkansas  – Hot n Nasty

Kitten Forever – Mission Statement

Death Valley Driver – Black Vein

Himiko – End of Human Race

Yes Nice – Hot River

Flipper – I Saw You Shine

I Got A Brand New Pair Of 68s, You Got A Brand New Comeback

Welcome to the August 8, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special, home of the dreaded triple ear worm, half-assed Folk Fest previews, and Zebra Pulse. ZEBRA PULSE!

White Denim  –  Say What You Want

the National  –  Demons

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down  –  Brand New Key

By Divine Right  –  We F’N’R

the Sorels  –  GAG

the Red Shift  –  Chicken Walk

Bitter Fictions  –  Raise

Charles Bradley  –  Heart of Gold

Neko Case  –  Lady Pilot

Saltland  –  Colour the Night Sky

UBT  –  I Don’t Care

Boards of Canada – Reach for the Dead

Kitten Forever – Mission Statement

Mavis Staples – Holy Ghost

Zebra Pulse – Technical Space Composition

James Hunter Six – Minute By Minute

Marvelous Beauhunks – Who Said the Kids Are Alright?

Moderat – Bad Kingdom

Ladyfrnd – 5 Sisters

Pond – Giant Tortoise

Jr. Gone Wild – I Fell Dumb

Zohreh Jooya – Dohktar Shirazi

Better Take Care Of Your 68Comeback ‘Cause Nobody Else Will

Oh, he is most definitely Chad, and during the August 1, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special, after Craig had bailed out to go camping and Tom had bailed out in the name of billionaire playboyism, he was at his very, very Chaddest, interviewing the two armadillos and the passenger pigeon from Frank Zappa’s touring band in the mid-70’s,  while simultaneously digging a hole to Argentina (which is like digging a hole to China, but with different angles). What would we do without this everyday hero? A whole lot more crying, that’s for sure.

Energetic Action – In the Hour Before I Sleep

Beach Boys – Take a Load Off Your Feet

Hank Pine – A Late Night Spiritual

David Lynch – We Rolled Together

Laura Marling – Master Hunter

Jessica Pratt – Mother Big River

Greenback High – Bombs Away

the Mandates – Terminal Teenager

Rhubarbs – Restock the Arsenal

CROSSS – Mountain King

War Baby – Dentada

Needles//Pins – Hale Bop

Jessica Stuart Few – Two Sides to Every Story

Louise Burns – Ruby

TEEN – Cannibal

UN – Wicked Child

Windigo – Sundials

Erika Werry & the Alphabet – Early Wine

Shawn Mrazek Lives! – Forget the Past

Rob Moir – Places to Die (Before You See the World)

Hüsker Dü – Makes No Sense At All [For Craig]

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet – Egypt

Texas Dump – 1999

B.A. Johnston – Bad Cat Sitter

Sean Nicholas Savage – Other Life

HIMIKO – Eugenics, Mutation [For Tom. No, for us all!]

the Allens – Daddy’s Got a Gun

the Courtneys – Insufficient Funds

I Need A 68Comeback And I Hope You Understand

The truth of the July 25, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special is that it was all things to everyone, as long as everyone is all about the bitter grumblings of CJSR’s vinyl library, the differences between ‘festivals’ and ‘gatherings’, how Craig is able to control the entire universe to a very limited degree, and how Teddy Pendergrass will change your life if you let him.

Tuscadero  –  Angel in a Half Shirt

My Dog Popper  –  Pog

Metallica  –  For Whom the Bell Tolls (Slow)

Feist & Constantines  –  Islands in the Stream

Scott Cook  –  The Festival Song

Bad Livers  –  Man vs. Fate: 2 Out of 3 Falls, 10 Round Limit

the Ketamines  –  Everybody Gets Down

Hayden  –  Hollywood Ending

Richard Buckner  –  Town

Bob Mould  –  Hanging Tree

By Divine Right  –  Zoomies

Teddy Pendergrass – I Can’t Win For Losing

Sean Nicholas Savage – She Looks Like You

Lefty McRighty – Too Late to Quit Drinking Now

Preyers – Universe

Himiko – End of Human Race

Ain’t Nuff – Faceless Babes

Dead Ghosts – Summer With Phil

Reanimator – Great Balls of Fire

Eri Yamamoto Trio – Real Story


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