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Get No Joy, Always Comeback Within

On the October 20, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, while we didn’t exactly wear it ON our sleeve, it was close, really close. Tune in next week when, thanks to International Tank Top Day, we’re going to have to be extra-specially clever.

Son Volt  –  Right On Through

No Age  –  Everybody’s Down

the Pack A.D.  –  Yes, I Know

Free Judges  –  Ex-El

Expanda Fuzz  –  Robot Buildings

Jas. Mathus and His Knockdown Society  –  Jesus is a Dying Bedmaker

Borzoi  –  Prayer Detective

PJ Harvey  –  Man Size

Avec Pas D’Casque  –  La Peur de Perdre

Groenland  –  Distractions

Sub Dub  –  Jawbreaker

Pink Mountaintops  –  Can You Do That Dance?

Fond of Tigers  –  Wonder What We’re Whispering For

Times New Viking  –  End of All Things

Lou Reed  –  The Last Shot

Willie Nelson  –  Pretend I Never Happened

Songs: Ohia  –  Farewell Transmission

Iggy & the Stooges  –  Gimme Danger

TV Freaks  –  Act of Contrition

Soul Mates  –  Bad Blood

Tao  –  Esoteric Red

the Mummies  –  Shut Yer Mouth

Pang Attack  –  Mr. Mandible

Stay In My Kitchen, Have My Own Comeback In The Bathroom

People may get all worried and superstitious about Thursdays the 13th, but on the October 13, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, it was high-minded and levelheaded all the way through. Literature, worthwhile human pursuits, the appearance in our dreams of well-loved, intelligent people with unreasonable but entirely fulfillable expectations and the right of the artist to have a say in how she or he is represented in the media were all topics of conversation, though it probably never sounded much like that.

Bob Dylan  –  Talkin’ Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues

Andre Ethier  –  Always and Forever

M. Ward  –  Primitive Girl

L.T. Leif  –  Oh My

Angel Olsen  –  Shut Up Kiss Me

Waycross  –  I Wanna Be Hugged to Death by You

Steve Reich  –  Tehillim

Randy Newman  –  Short People

Robbie Fulks  –  I Push Right Over

Psychic Twin  –  Running in the Dark

Bitter Fictions  –  No. III

Prisonshake  –  Hurry

Counterfeit Jeans  –  Fairy Ring

John Guliak  –  Sail Away

KLLO  –  On My Name

Hüsker Dü  –  Sorry Somehow

Strange Broue  –  Druglust!

Ford Pier  –  Of Course He is a Magnificent Driver

Weird Lines  –  Fade in My Heart

Latcho Drom  –  Fade Like a Chronographer

Bonehawk  –  Albino Rhino

We’ll Never Know Where The Comeback Goes

Revisiting old friends! Getting to know new enemies! Honing our conflict resolution skills! That’s what Autumn is all about, so that’s what the October 6, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special was all about!

Edith Frost  –  Cold and On My Mind

Ellington/Mingus/Roach  –  REM Blues

Les Deuxluxes  –  Smoke Me

Tropic Harbour  –  In Our Dreams

Excepter  –  Second Chances

the Julie Ruin  –  A Place Called Won’t Be There

Tanya Tagaq  –  Sulfur

Califone  –  Funeral Singers

Amy Van Keeken & Timeloop  –  Diamond Mind

Masanka Sankayi + Kasai Allstars  –  Wa Muluendu

Art D’ecco  –  Rita Mitsouko

At/All  –  Deeper

Stagmummer  –  Little Scratches

Whitey Houston  –  Polemique Animé

John Guliak  –  Sail Away

Weird Lines  –  One Fell Swoop

Counterfeit Jeans  –  No Desire

Communism  –  Take Care of Each Other

Forbidden Dimension  –  Creepsville

the Archaics  –  Sweet Cocoon

Sleep  –  Dopesmoker Part 4



It’s Comebacked And He Is A Comebacker!

On the September 29, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we considered Buster Friendly, taking into account the Buster Friendly of it all, and of course being extremely careful not to forget to Buster Friendly in the process.

Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins  –  The Charging Sky

Hank Williams  –  I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive

NoMeansNo  –  Stocktaking

Laurie Anderson  –  Born, Never Asked

Free Judges  –  Cradle Me to Sleep

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds  –  We Call Upon the Author

Handsome Furs  –  I’m Confused

Oblivians  –  Sunday You Need Love

Forbidden Dimension  –  Creepsville

Squirrel Bait  –  Tape From California

Toy Dolls  –  Worse Things Happen At Sea

Chris Knox  –  Blameless

Jerk With A Bomb  –  Hospital Bed

the Sadies  –  What’s Left Behind

Jack Logan  –  New Used Car and a Plate of BBQ

Bastro  –  Pretty Smart on My Part

Husker Du  –  Chartered Trips

Tanya Tagaq  –  Nacreous

Bad Livers  –  Better Times

Mission of Burma  –  What We Really Were

The Pack A.D.  –  Anyway

West/Kaiser/Maksymenko  –  Sarayushka

A.C. Newman  –  I’m Not Talking

Angel Olsen  –  Pops

Neko Case  –  I Wish I Was the Moon


Your Comeback Days Are All Behind You Now

The Rocktember 22, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special came with a surprise prize – and many theorizings about it – some special special guests and the blessings they bestow,  and secret heartbreaks. You think you know us, but you DON’T.

R.E.M.  –  Begin the Begin

Yo La Tengo  –  My Heart’s Reflection

Tuns  –  Mixed Messages

Bash & Pop  –  Never Aim to Please

Red Red Meat  –  Oxtail

John Guliak/Darrek Anderson  –  Follow Me

John Guliak/Darrek Anderson  –  Oka/Banff

John Guliak/Darrek Anderson  –  Poor Ditching Boy

John Guliak  –  It’s Not Me

John Guliak  –  Sail Away

Lync  –  Perfect Shot

Veda Hille  –  Love Waves

Goodnight St. Idiot  –  Push&Pull

Doug Hoyer  –  To Be a River

Billy Zizi  –  Sit Down

Off World  –  1

Woodpigeon  –  Picking Fights

Owen Meany’s Batting Stance  –  The Goose, But More the Gaggle

Jawbox  –  Sound on Sound

the Purveyors of Free Will  –  Depths of Tartarus






You’re Only As Good As Your Comeback

On the September 15, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we licked our wounds, made some  breakthroughs, received reminders of important lessons. forged tentative new friendships and discovered interesting connections among things previously unconnected.  And then there was the establishment of what are bound to be lifelong nemeses.

Cop Shoot Cop  –  Any Day Now

Joe Henry  –  Short Man’s Room

Billie Zizi  –  It Shook Your Faith

Black Mold  –  Uke Puke

Against Me!  –  Transgender Dysphoria Blues

G.L.O.S.S.  –  Give Violence a Chance

Dolly Parton  –  Fuel to the Flame

Angel Olsen  –  Those Were the Days

Preoccupations  –  Anxiety

Horses  –  Lay Down

Free Judges  –  Woodland Prayer

Flanger  –  So What

Hüsker Dü  –  Celebrated Summer

the Handle  –  September

Latcho Drom  –  Chronographer

Bear Mountain  –  Badu

Lee “Scratch” Perry  –  Psycho Dread

Robin Hood Music Association  –  Little Bird

Richard Buckner  –  Town

Badbadnotgood  –  Confessions Pt. 2

Sleep  –  Holy Mountain


Some Laughing, Some Just Comeback Forms

On the September 8, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we peered as distantly into the past as our cloudy memories would allow, gazed as far into the future as permitted by our failing eyesight, and slightly overused the royal ‘we.’

Old 97’s  –  Melt Show

the Sugarcubes  –  Birthday

the Mouthbreathers  –  Birthdays

the Future of the Left  –  Back When I Was Brilliant

Gateway Drugs  –  Faith Healer

Hot Panda  –  Same House

Brandi Disterheft  –  Crippling Thrill

Drakkar Sauna  –  Lessons to Teach a Child

Miniature Tigers  –  Last Night’s Fake Blood

Veda Hille  –  Teenage Wildlife

Corinthian  –  New History

the Skydiggers  –  8 Miles High

Hüsker Dü  –  8 Miles High

Moldy Peaches  –  Jorge Regula

the I Don’t Cares  –  Born for Me

the Maytags  –  Call Me

Free Judges  –  Number Memory Alpha

Shirantha Beddage  –  Angle of Incidence

Ten Strings and a Goat Skin  –  Lament for Buckles

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down  –  We Don’t Call

Miranda July  –  ???

Superchunk  –  Martinis On the Roof

Roosevelt  –  Night Moves





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