You’re Barking Up The Comeback Tree

Not that we at the 68Comeback Special acknowledge the possibility of year-curses or any such thing, but 2016, your days are numbers(ed). And, given our proximity to a brand new year, allowing for the possibility of soul searches, allowing for the possibility of fearless personal inventories, allowing for the possibility of course corrections and/or attitude adjustments, for the December 1, 2016 edition, we briefly considered the act of looking in the mirror and not recognizing the face looking back, but we ultimately decided that more information was needed, we would table discussion of the motion until after we’ve received back a couple of committee reports.

Evaporators  –  Ogopogo Punk

Preoccupation  –  Zodiac

Off World  –  I

JD & the Sunshine Band  –  Manitoba Bandit

Duotang  –  A Suitable Distraction

Kestrels  –  Are You Alone?

Drive-By Truckers  –   Even South

Lisa LeBlanc  –  City Slickers and Country Boys

Thistle  –  Tonight

Tangiers  –  I Don’t Love You

Zachary Lucky  –  Lost My Way

Communism  –  Forgiveness

Duchess Says  –  I Repeat Myself

Drugdealer  –  Sea of Nothing

Jesus & Mary Chain  –  Something’s Wrong

Panther  –  You Don’t Want Your Nails Done

Brazilian Money  –  Face Tattoo

Lemonheads  –  Ballarat

David Buchbinder  –  Prayer

Groon/Rak and Targus  –  Incoming Transmission From the Duke

the Kinks  –  Harry Rag

the Dirty Nil  –  Wrestle Yü to Hüsker Dü

Monomyth  –  Aloha

Afghan Whigs  –  I Keep Coming Back


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