But There’s Comeback In Your Eyes That Says ‘Maybe’

On the November 17, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we were happy for Kurt Cobain’s sake that he finally got his wish, we reflected on job opportunities and wondered if it would be better to not do something by choice or by edict, we got Smilin’ Jay through some thick traffic, we hated on people who move away and we set a trap for Dave Luxton, and he STEPPED RIGHT IN IT.

Nirvana  –  Pennyroyal Tea

Tanya Tagaq  –  Rape Me

Tuneyards  –  You Yes You

Kenna Burima  –  Hymn for An Angry Man

Mary Margaret O’Hara  –  To Cry About

the Stooges  –  Down On the Street

Romeo Void  –  Never Say Never

the Spinanes  –  Grand Prize

the James T. Kirks  –  Tales of the Iron Horse

Robin Hunter & the Six Foot Bullies  –  Lonely Coffee Cups

Amy Van Keeken & Timeloop  –  Uneasy

Brazilian Money  –  All in Good Time

Soul Coughing  –  Lazybones

Emile Bilodeau  –  Crise Existentielle

Red Fang  –  Cut it Short

Like a Motorcycle  –  High Hopes

Duchess Says  –  Inertia, Pt. II

Motorama  –  Someone is Missed

Juliana Hatfield  –  Needle in the Hay

Kostars  –  One Sunny Day

Klangstof  –  Hostage






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