When Boarding Airplanes, Takes The Aisle And Keeps The Comeback

The November 10, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special was shot through with the typical feelings of alarm and cautious relief  that we have come to expect from ourselves.

Say Hi to Your Mom  –  Prefers Unhappy Endings

Duotang  –  Karma Needs to Come Around

Happy Family  –  We Love You We Don’t Love You

We Are Wolves  –  Au Revoir Les Crapules

the Poppy Family  –  Where Evil Grows

Julien Baker  –  Ballad of Big Nothing

Los Campesinos  –  Romance is Boring

Black Thunder  –  Agents of Decay

Spoon  –  I Could Be Underground

Miesha & the Spanks  –  Stranger

Knots  –  Backstroke

Port Juvee  –  Bleached Out Soda Pop

Untrained Animals  –  I Got Rocks

Exalt  –  I Dove Into the Sun

Douse  –  Hypertension

Hefner  –  Love Will Destroy Us in the End

Hidden Cameras  –  The Day I Left Home

Drive-By Truckers  –  Surrender Under Protest

Red Cain  –  Hiraeth

100 Mile House  –  Hiraeth

Red Hot Gospel  –  Joe’s Guitar

Danny Brown  –  Rolling Stone

Tuber  –  Desert Overcrowded



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