Sipping From This Comeback Cup

Tom flew solo on the October 27, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, taking the opportunity to practice some advanced skillz like loop-the-loops and the other thing where you fly straight up until the engine stalls and then start it again before tragedy, y’know, strikes. AND – if he told you once, he told you a million times, next show is our FunDrive 2016 show.

Black Thunder  –  Space Fives
Arab Strap  –  Turbulence
Cantoo  –  Pet Semetary
Forbidden Dimension  –  The Lucifer Train
Witchstone  –  The Sludgelands
Dearly Beloved  –  Who Wants to Know?
John Guliak  –  Sail Away
Duotang  –  That’s What Keeps Us Alive
Drugdealer  –  Suddenly
Jason Sharp  –  A Boat Upon Its Blood Pt 1
Eliza Mary-Doyle  –  Vancouver
The Archaics  –  Not For Nothing
Royal Canoe  –  Living a Lie
Anion  –  God’s Day Off
Mogwai  –  Chocky
Pack AD  –  Anyway
Angel Olsen  –  Shut Up Kiss Me
Automatisme  –  Simultaneite
Surprise Party  –  The Rapture
Sirr  –  Crazy Caterpillar
Lazyhorse  –  If You Come Running Back
Dexter Gordon  –  Society Red

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