Stay In My Kitchen, Have My Own Comeback In The Bathroom

People may get all worried and superstitious about Thursdays the 13th, but on the October 13, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, it was high-minded and levelheaded all the way through. Literature, worthwhile human pursuits, the appearance in our dreams of well-loved, intelligent people with unreasonable but entirely fulfillable expectations and the right of the artist to have a say in how she or he is represented in the media were all topics of conversation, though it probably never sounded much like that.

Bob Dylan  –  Talkin’ Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues

Andre Ethier  –  Always and Forever

M. Ward  –  Primitive Girl

L.T. Leif  –  Oh My

Angel Olsen  –  Shut Up Kiss Me

Waycross  –  I Wanna Be Hugged to Death by You

Steve Reich  –  Tehillim

Randy Newman  –  Short People

Robbie Fulks  –  I Push Right Over

Psychic Twin  –  Running in the Dark

Bitter Fictions  –  No. III

Prisonshake  –  Hurry

Counterfeit Jeans  –  Fairy Ring

John Guliak  –  Sail Away

KLLO  –  On My Name

Hüsker Dü  –  Sorry Somehow

Strange Broue  –  Druglust!

Ford Pier  –  Of Course He is a Magnificent Driver

Weird Lines  –  Fade in My Heart

Latcho Drom  –  Fade Like a Chronographer

Bonehawk  –  Albino Rhino

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