Some Laughing, Some Just Comeback Forms

On the September 8, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we peered as distantly into the past as our cloudy memories would allow, gazed as far into the future as permitted by our failing eyesight, and slightly overused the royal ‘we.’

Old 97’s  –  Melt Show

the Sugarcubes  –  Birthday

the Mouthbreathers  –  Birthdays

the Future of the Left  –  Back When I Was Brilliant

Gateway Drugs  –  Faith Healer

Hot Panda  –  Same House

Brandi Disterheft  –  Crippling Thrill

Drakkar Sauna  –  Lessons to Teach a Child

Miniature Tigers  –  Last Night’s Fake Blood

Veda Hille  –  Teenage Wildlife

Corinthian  –  New History

the Skydiggers  –  8 Miles High

Hüsker Dü  –  8 Miles High

Moldy Peaches  –  Jorge Regula

the I Don’t Cares  –  Born for Me

the Maytags  –  Call Me

Free Judges  –  Number Memory Alpha

Shirantha Beddage  –  Angle of Incidence

Ten Strings and a Goat Skin  –  Lament for Buckles

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down  –  We Don’t Call

Miranda July  –  ???

Superchunk  –  Martinis On the Roof

Roosevelt  –  Night Moves





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