What Are You Doing Here, In My Comeback?

On the July 7, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, Tom had company which didn’t include Craig*, he had greater insight into the strength and beauty of staccato than anyone else, ever, and he had the element of surprise. No wonder it went the way it did.

Gojira- The Shooting
Fury Things – Some Things
Webb – Edge of the World
Strength of Materials – Even Smaller
Sara Watkins – One Last Time
Steelpole Bathtub – Train to Miami
High Bar Gang – Red Wicked Wine
Fury Things – Silence is Okay
Veda Hille – Lover/Hater
Fury Things – Shake
Soul Asylum – Tied to the Tracks
Greys – Erosion
TTWWRRSS – Novopassky
Diarrhea Planet – Announcement
Islands – Fear
Daniel Romano – I’m Alone Now
Dandy Warhols – Styggo
Lab Coast – The Pointe of it All
Sleepkit – Weird Sun
Krang – Winds of Change

*it was Kent, the man Craig wants to portray him in the movie about his life.

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