He’ll Give Up Anything For Lasagna, Unless He Has To Give Up On His Comeback

Tom flew solo on the June 30, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special because Craig was far away, auditioning for a part in the new feature-length movie, Garfield Vacations in Central Canada. He did that Strombo imitation everyone begs for, learned to play the vibraphone live on-air, and Chef Brenda was in during the last segment, teaching everyone how to grill their Canada Day tempeh to perfection.

Sludgehammer  The Black Abyss
Young Magic – Held
Doug Hoyer – Time Will Leave You Behind
Mavis Staples – Your Good Fortune
Deerhoof – Life is Suffering
Members of The National – Terrapin Station
Suuns – Un No
Joanna Brouk – Lifting Off
Black Mountain – Mother of the Sun
Pretty City – Fun Machine
Jay Arner – Back to School
Lou Rawls – Here Comes Garfield
Yenta – Handstyle 2 Dust
Andy Shauf – Early to the Party
Daniel Romano – One Hundred Regrets Avenue
Besnard Lakes – Tungsten 4
The Highest Order – Hardball
The Honey Cowboy – Where Does Your Honey Come From?
Plaid – Clock
Atlantis Jazz Ensemble – Yemaya
Black Absinthe – Winter

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