Two Fists Of Solid Comeback With Brains That Could Explain

The June 9, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special found us considering the greatness of the Greatest, and also that of a man named Tad. There was a brief little something or other about who was the best composer for movies and another little something else about how to deal responsibly with swearing responsibly on the radio, all in the interest of being the best we can be.

Cat Power  –  The Greatest

Freakwater  –  Louisville Lip

the Lijadu All-Stars  –  Come On Home

Jim Bryson  –  Sleeping in Toronto

Kathleen Edwards  –  All of My Memories

the Weakerthans  –  Relative Surplus Value

Lalo Schifrin  –  Enter the Dragon

A Giant Dog  –  Birthday Song

Bo Diddley  –  Ride On Josephine

Tim Hecker  –  Sammy Loves Eddie Loves David

Seratones  –  Don’t Need It

the Burning Hell  –  Fuck the Government, I Love You

Ed Palermo Big Band  –  Cleetus Awreetus Awrightus

the Highest Order  –  Hardball

Tad  –  Sex God Missy

Mr. Rick  –  It’s the Bottle Talking

Jerk in the Can  –  Cheers for Fears

Escondido  –  Apartment

the Famous Sandhogs  –  Nelson River Marari

the Wailing Wailers  –  I Need You

Nudie  –  The Royal Tavern

Victoria + Jean  –  Holly

Ergo  –  As Tomorrow




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