He’s Undeniably The Best Comeback In This Town

On the June 2, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, our special visitors Mitzi and Boom gave us a crash course in social media and how Instagram and Snapchat can enhance your enjoyment of this year’s Pride Festival. Tom was back at long last from CapybaraFest, any crises of faith that anyone might have had regarding any item or situation, chronic or acute, were of short duration.

Kelly Willis  –  Nobody Wants to Go to the Moon Anymore

Sly & the Family Stone  –  Brave & Strong

God is My Co-Pilot  –  Crushing a Girl

Jessy Lanza  –  Never Enough

Afrodizz  –  No Time

All Girl Summer Fun Band  –  Dear Mr. and Mrs. Troublemaker

C.W. Stoneking  –  The Zombie

Mr. Rick  –  Liquor Store Blues

Jim Carroll  –  Terrorist Trousers

Gin Palace  –  “Lady”

Jaki Byard  –  I Fall In Love Too Easily

A Giant Dog  –  I’ll Come Crashing

Sam Cash & the Romantic Dogs  –  That Was the Summer

Shit Robot  –  What Follows

the Filthy Spectacula  –  Jack the Knife

the Waco Brothers  –  We Know It

Greys  –  Complaint Rock

Robbie Fulks  –  Baby Rocks Her Dolly

Veda Hille  –  Burst

Adrian Teacher & the Subs  –  Emily Carr Punks

Odonis Odonis  –  Fearless

Holy Fuck  –  Chimes Broken




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