With Twenty Pounds Of Comeback Stapled To His Chest

On the May 19, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we celebrated 50 years of Blonde on Blonde and, to a lesser degree, Pet Sounds. We helped people improve their lives with Fast Times At Ridgemont High, and when we say ‘we,’ we mean that Tom’s laying low for awhile until the heat’s off,  but he’s got his ways of getting his points across.

Portastatic  –  Naked Pilseners

Yo La Tengo  –  Somebody’s Baby

Ladyhawk  –  I Don’t Always Know What You’re Saying

Islands  –  No Milk No Sugar

the Beach Boys  –  Wouldn’t It Be Nice (vocals only)

Bob Dylan  –  Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again

La Luz  –  Sure As Spring

Tim Hecker  –  Up Red Bull Creek

Pity Sex  –  A Satisfactory World for Reasonable People

Veda Hille  –  Teenage Wildlife

Richard Laviolette & the Oil Spills  –  With Tape and Purposeful Hats

X  –  Surprise Surprise

Tamara Sandor  –  Magpie

PJ Harvey  –  A Line In the Sand

Iggy Pop  –  Chocolate Drops

Operators  –  Bring Me the Head

C.W. Stoneking  –  The Zombie

A Giant Dog  –  Not a Miracle

Snuff  –  I Think We’re Alone Now

the Burning Hell  –  Nonfiction

Supermoon  –  Stories We Tell Ourselves About Ourselves

Ty Segall  –  Diversion

Konono No.1  –  Paradiso





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