Just In Case You Don’t Comeback

Oh my! Did you hear the May 12, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special? We talked about burlesque and Vikings and moustaches and the repurposing of our favourite goalies. We welcomed Iggy Pop and Veda Hille back and this is all just a way of distracting you from the sadness of Tom being gone for a couple of weeks but hardly anyone reads right to the end anymore, so if you have, you better just shut up and not tell the others.

the Promise Ring  –  Emergency! Emergency!

Alice Cooper  –  Be My Lover

Laura Sauvage  –  Jesus Want to Be My Buddy

Paupiére  –  Jeunes Instants

Black Mountain  –  You Can Dream

Iggy Pop  –  In the Lobby

Veda Hille  –  Charismatic M.F.

Solex  –  The Dot On the i Between the h and the t

Lab Coast  –  Missed Ache

Can  –  Oh Yeah

Del Barber & the No Regretzkys  –  Sawchuk

Fancy Diamonds  –  1 800 L U V

the Burning Hell  –  Men Without Hats

Striker  –  Phoenix Lights

Heart Attack Kids  –  Blow Up Dolls

Charles Bradley  –  Ain’t Gonna Give it Up

Nudie  –  That’s All That I’ve Got

Gabriella Ghermandi  –  Atse Tewodros

Ape Cave  –  Etna





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