And My Comeback Already Was There

May Day, Mother’s Day, this day, that day. The May 5, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special was a bit of a grab bag during which we tackled hard-hitting issues like ferries and stuff, standardized testing in our schools and stuff, and how not every song David Bowie ever recorded was a masterpiece. And stuff.

Oh – one other thing: please help.

Red Shadow  –  Understanding Marx

Laurie Anderson  –  Only An Expert

Charles Mingus  –  All the Things You Could Be By Now If Sigmund Freud’s Wife Was Your Mother

Eric’s Trip  –  Girlfriend

TV Sets  –  Sea Legs

Eric Bachmann  –  Masters of the Deal

Looper  –  Columbo’s Car

Le Tigre  –  Dude, Yr So Crazy!

Julianna Barwick  –  Wist

Greys  –  Complaint Rock

Morricone Youth  –  Super Villain

Lab Coast  –  Harm’s Way

Iggy Pop  –  Vulture

Black Absinthe  –  Is This Life

Labradoodle  –  Vulcan Voodoo

the Dandy Warhols  –  Search Party

Kelly Sloan  –  Big Deal

Hooded Fang  –  Tunnel Vision

David Bowie  –  Soul Love

Bronswick  –  Trouble

Dr. Lonnie Smith  –  Play It Back

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