Are You Comeback? It’s Easy

The March 31, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special featured a reconsideration of all the advice, good and bad, we’ve given or gotten over our whole entire lives, with particular attention paid to the difference any of it could possibly have made. Craig wondered if he was physically capable of playing requests. No matter what your best friend (who is a dirty liar) told you, we made absolutely no mention of elevators or knockoff Eames chairs.

the Barracudas  –  I Thought You Sounded That Way Yesterday

Neutral Milk Hotel  –  Song Against Sex

Drinking Flowers  –  Your Own Sounds

June of 44  –  Arms Over Arteries

Pee Shy  –  Little Dudes

Shining Wizard w/ Grace Brooks & James Goddard  –  Misery Pause

Bob Mould  –  The End of Things

Black Mountain  –  Constellation

Thao & the Get Down Stay Down  –  Nobody Dies

Bruce McCulloch  –  40 Housewives

Vince Guaraldi Trio  –  Moon River

Urge Overkill  –  Vacation in Tokyo

Eric Bachmann  –  Belong to You

Prince Rama  –  Your Life in the End

Sam Cash & the Romantic Dogs  –  Act Like We’re in Love

Shotgun Jimmie  –  Join the Band

Liima  –  Amerika

the 427’s  –  Tijuana Sunset

Françoise Hardy  –  Ce N’est Pas Un Reve

Underworld  –  You





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