Satan Brands, Comeback Tattoos, You Can’t Believe the Things I’ve Seen

Tom did it all himself on the March 17, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, and in so doing, he led all the snakes back into Ireland. Celebrate THAT if you think you’re up to it.

The Clash – The Equaliser

Junior Boys – You Say That

Dr. Lonnie Smith – Play it Back

Violent Femmes – I Could Be Anything

Linsey Wellman -Avec Laquelle

Charles Bradley – Nobody But You

Note to Future Self – Space Race Haste

Hot Dad Jesus & Friends – Dog Chin Myopia

Damien Jurado – Qachina

The James Hunter 6 – This is Where we Came In

Steelpole Bathtub – Train to Miami

Drinking Flowers – Bending Halos

Arlo Maverick – Liquid Comfort Pt. 2

Jr. Gone Wild – Fine Scotch

Zones – Heats

Freakwater – Bolshevik and Bollweevil

Jerk in a Can – Cheers for Fears

Nap Eyes – Lion in Chains

Van Halst – Plastic Smile

Holding Hands – It’s Funny

Dexter Gordon – Society Bed

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