I Got the Whole Damn Comeback On Their Knees

On the March 10, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we talked about the dreams we had last night, noted the strong resemblance certain things can bear to certain other things,  and considered the changes a radioactive lizard can effect on the geography of a place.

the Primrods  –  All Right Tokyo!

Shonen Knife  –  Public Bath

Archie Shepp  –  Attica Blues

Joel Plaskett  –  Through & Through & Through

Jerk With a Bomb  –  Hospital Bed

Gazebos  –  I Don’t Wanna Be Here

Ty Segall  –  Breakfast Eggs

Blue Oyster Cult  –  Godzilla

Minotaurs  –  Underground Age

Mike Smith & Jonathan Adjemiam  –  Sixth Transcombobulation

Four Brothers  –  Wakasarudza Akanaka

Nobaby  –  Love is In the Air

Miranda July  –  I Can-Japan

Tom Waits  –  Big In Japan

Françoise Hardy  –  Ce Petit Coeur

Mavis Staples – Jesus Lay Down Beside Me

Charles Bradley – Changes

Lust for Youth  –  Track 5

Lifetones  –  For a Reason

Couteau Papillon  –  Beachhead

Holy Serpent  –  The Plague




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