Help Me See the Comeback, Help Me to Get Up

On the February 25, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we considered the muselike properties of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Mechanic, wondered how similar we were to Miles Davis, or Freakwater, or I don’t really remember that part so well now, and we asked if you love Minotaurs yet (you’d better). Gabe reminded us that he was bound for Japan in three weeks.

Nirvana  –  Mr. Moustache

Tales of the Tomb  –  Snowtown

the Radiation Flowers  –  Your Eyes

NEU!  –  After Eight

Freakwater  –  Missionfield

the Dearly Bereft  –  So It Goes

Les Savy Fav  –  New Teen Anthem

Huevos Rancheros  –  Please Pass the Ketchup

Craig Taborn  –  A Difficult Thing Said Simply

Baby Giraffe  –  Maybe You Should Know

the Picketts  –  50/50 Split

Basia Bulat  –  Good Advice

the Godrays  –  Hope This Makes Sheryl Crow Happy

Minotaurs  –  Gold Rush Lady

Harmonia & Eno ’76  –  Vamos Companeros

the James Hunter 6  –  This is Where We Came In

Robert Burkosky  –  Timeless Obsession

Holding Hands  –  It’s Funny

FWY!  –  99 Fwy

Corin Raymond  –  Morning Glories

Kraken  –  America

Son of a Witch  –  Thrones in the Sky



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