Our Comebacks Will Always Be Pending

For a time on the February 18, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we doubted his very existence, indulged in a reverie or two, tried to work out what’s so great about this ‘realist’ angle you’ve been working, and really tried to lean into our new jobs as citizen journalists, with varying results.

Magnolia Electric Co.  –  Farewell Transmission

Geoff Berner  –  Oh My Golem

the Earlies  –  One of Us is Dead

Cindy Lee  –  Act of Tenderness

Pugs & Crows & Tony Wilson  –  Sloppy Slaughter

Mission of Burma  –  1001 Pleasant Dreams

Basia Bulat  –  Fool

Waycross  –  I Wanna Be Hugged to Death By You

Borscht  –  You Can Leave If You Want To

P:ano  –  Ghost Pirates

the Apples in Stereo  –  I Can’t Believe

Minotaurs  –  Blind Luck

Everyone is Dirty  –  I’m Okay

the Purveyors of Free Will  –  Strange Dream at 5am

J. Tillman  –  New Imperial Grand Blues

Laura Cantrell  –  Not the Tremblin’ Kind

Grizzly Bear  –  Fine For Now

Pixel  –  Slinky

Zakary Slax  –  Defriender

Beauts  –  Sick

James Hunter Six  –  (Baby) Hold On

Bleu  –  Delusional

Daughter  –  Doing the Right Thing

36?  –  Old Bones



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