Stay Glued to Your 68Comeback

90774_0We had big plans for the February 11, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, honest we did. There was going to be a big to-do made about monkeys in honour of the Year of, there was going to be lovey-dovey music and advice to the lovelorn in observation of Valentine’s Day, there was going to be a big, long feature on modern-day office furniture and what happens to it when a workplace is evacuated just minutes in advance of the bill collectors. That was before a witch turned Tom into a red and white pit bull terrier named Blazer.

Bob Wiseman  –  Dog On a Leash

Slint  –  Rhoda

No Luck Club  –  Rock Guitar

Black Mastiff  –  Bloody Mastiff

Shuyler Jansen  –  We Should Just Fall Apart

Savages  –  T.I.W.Y.G.

Tee Tahs  –  Thrill

Eagles of Death Metal  –  Poor Doggie

Black Mold  –  Memes

Switches  –  Empty Ways

Cold Warps  –  Hole In My Head

T-Bone Walker  –  Mean Old World

Jom Comyn  –  Balcony

Choir and Marching Band  –  Top Ten Hit

Wire  –  Ex-Lion Tamer

Nap Eyes  –  Delirium and Persecution Paranoia

Napalmpom  –  Sirius

James Hunter  –  Where We Came In

Sanctuary  –  Open Your Eyes

Everyday Things  –  All Day, All Night

Diamond Mind  –  Rocket Summer

Choir and Marching Band  –  Bachelor

Misery Mountain Boys  –  Sun Gonna Shine

Girlfriend  –  Is For Lovers

Allison Au Quartet  –  New Ordinary Stranger





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