I’m a 68Comeback and That Makes You Giddy

On the February 4, 2016 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we gently chided Calgary for their latest offence, made two Spinanes fans happy, commended Tortoise on a job well done (20 years after the fact), and passed along some awkward but necessary communications.

Camera Obscura  –  The False Contender

Veneers  –  No Great New Truth

King Jammy  –  Tiger Claw Dub

Lab Coast  –  Run Out/Black Underwear

Tortoise  –  The Taut and Tame

Afghan Whigs  –  This is My Confession

Allison Au Quartet  –  Bolero

Hullabaloo  –  Suicidal Maniac

This Moment in Black History  –  Beans and Rice

Rape Revenge  –  Dear Date Rapists of St. Albert, AB

the Spinanes  –  Noel, Jonah and Me

the Chrome Cranks  –  Lost Time Blues

Freakwater  –  What the People Want

Har Mar Superstar  –  Transit

Guided by Voices  –  Evil Speakers

Stereolab  –  Fuses

Excepter – Second Chances

Lori Yates – Ghost of Josephine

Black Mastiff – Torch

Sancktuary – Vermin Lord

Switches – Remember (Walking in the Sand)

David Bowie – Blackstar



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