Tell Us The Story Again, Of How You Became The Town 68Comeback

A funny thing happened on the way to posting this account of the August 29, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special: we lost it. One minute it was there, the next it wasn’t, and it took a visit to Chad “The Oracle” Brunet and a live, on-air human sacrifice to set things right again (which we used to think was a little on the barbaric side, but now we think a BBQ’s a BBQ).  On the last Summertime Fun Report of this year, Gabe offered up a fantastic possibility for only the bravest buskers of the 2014 Fringe, and we dared to imagine some of our bitterest friends and dearest enemies getting paid. Check it:

Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band  –  Spreadin’ Honey

A.C. Newman  –  The Town Halo

Crosss  –  Mountain King

Serengeti  –  Tanning Season

Ghost Cousin  –  Breakfast and Tea

No Age  –  Circling With Dizzy

Energetic Action  –  In the Hour Before I Sleep

By Divine Right  –  We F’N’R

Mecca Normal  –  Something to be Said

Cadillac of Worms  –  Night of the Living Dead

Pink Mountaintops  –  Can You Do That Dance?

Saturday Looks Good to Me  –  Negative Space

Cousins  –  Road

Superchunk  –  Low F

Falklands  –  All it Took

Dusty Chaps  –  Yukon Buddy

Slates  –  Verite

John Guliak  –  The Little Calf

Thousandsticks  –  Climbin’

George Ireland  –  King & His Castle

Ford Pier  –  Estrus

Himiko  –  Slow Death

Jr. Gone Wild  –  She’ll Never Know

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