I Need A 68Comeback And I Hope You Understand

The truth of the July 25, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special is that it was all things to everyone, as long as everyone is all about the bitter grumblings of CJSR’s vinyl library, the differences between ‘festivals’ and ‘gatherings’, how Craig is able to control the entire universe to a very limited degree, and how Teddy Pendergrass will change your life if you let him.

Tuscadero  –  Angel in a Half Shirt

My Dog Popper  –  Pog

Metallica  –  For Whom the Bell Tolls (Slow)

Feist & Constantines  –  Islands in the Stream

Scott Cook  –  The Festival Song

Bad Livers  –  Man vs. Fate: 2 Out of 3 Falls, 10 Round Limit

the Ketamines  –  Everybody Gets Down

Hayden  –  Hollywood Ending

Richard Buckner  –  Town

Bob Mould  –  Hanging Tree

By Divine Right  –  Zoomies

Teddy Pendergrass – I Can’t Win For Losing

Sean Nicholas Savage – She Looks Like You

Lefty McRighty – Too Late to Quit Drinking Now

Preyers – Universe

Himiko – End of Human Race

Ain’t Nuff – Faceless Babes

Dead Ghosts – Summer With Phil

Reanimator – Great Balls of Fire

Eri Yamamoto Trio – Real Story

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