When You Know That Your 68Comeback Is Close At Hand

Tom flew the July 11, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special solo because Craig’s mommy was in town and also there were other things that complicated getting to the station just enough that he decided to be a big baby about it and not come at all. But look at this list, and consider how much more impressive it was that each and every one of these bands played each and every one of these songs live in the studio. If you missed it, well, all we can say is, ‘Screw you, buddy, screw you.’

Black Thunder  –  The Follow
The Seahags  –  Yip Yip
Hooded Fang  –  Bye Bye Land
Boards of Canada  –  Reach for the Dead
Jr. Gone Wild  –  Day of the First Snow
Goldpan  –  Junk City II
Deadstring Brothers  –  Long Lonely Ride
Zebra Pulse  –  Body Bubble
Bob Wiseman  –  Children at Play
By Divine Right  –  Little You
Strange Fires  –  Tidal Wave
Rhythm of Cruelty  –  Can’t Escape
Sloan  –  Nervous Breakdown
Colleen Green  –  Sock it to Me
Baths  –  Ironwork
Ego Orientation  –  The Boys are out for Blood
Alessandro “Saseko” Motojima (Sendo Senshi)  –  Tears in the Rain
Apache Dropout  –  Constant Plaything
Ketamines  –  Patients
Courtneys  –  Dead Dog
Deerhunter  –  Leather Jacket II
Lad Mags  –  You Don’t Love Me
Mike Pride  –  Drummer’s Corpse
CFCF  –  Glass
Field Assembly  –  Gold Coast
Dead Ghosts  –  Summer With Phil
La Chinga  –  Early Grave
Iron Maiden  –  Hallowed Be Thy Name

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