But You Just Gave Me That 68Comeback Look

On the July 4, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we tried to get you to feel bad without knowing you were feeling bad, we made up stories about Dr. Dave McNeilly (sorry Doc), we met, then exceeded, our quota for French song titles, heaped an appropriate amount of derision upon London, and we flew the Zebra Pulse flag (again). And so you know, Gabe’s Summertime Fun Report was a thing of beauty that you will regret missing (if you missed it) for a long, long time, so don’t let that happen again.

Extra Action Marching Band  –  Dirge

Palace  –  More Brother Rides

King Kong  –  Animal

Times New Viking  –  Devo and Wine

Doug Hoyer  –  To Be a River

Gold & Youth  –  Daylight Colours

Devo  –  Jocko Homo

Beekeeper  –  Oh Hi!

Pernice Brothers  –  Water Ban

Harlan T. Bobo  –  Drank

Zebra Pulse  –  Psychic Dinner Disco

Bo Diddley  –  Do What I Say

Zeus  –  Ignition (Remix)

King Khan & the Shrines  –  Le Fils de Jacques Dutronic

Deerhunter  –  Punk (La Vie Anterieure)

Rita Hosking  –  Where Time is Reigning

Jr. Gone Wild – I Fell Dumb

Sendo Senshi Soundtrack – Looking For Izumi

Labradoodle – Hyperallergenic

Montag – PIECES

Bitter Fictions – Desert Rider

Night Marchers – Tropical Depression

Emmylou Harris – Heart Like a Wheel

Champion – Requiem

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