This Is A Special Announcement About A Special Announcement

Ladies, gentlemen, and other dedicated listeners to the 68Comeback Special, it is our most humble opinion that a man who cannot admit that he has made a mistake, apologize, and make amends for said mistake is no man at all.

Every year, the 68Comeback Special devotes considerable energy in choosing our annual award for  Aging British Punk We’ve Decided to Get Behind for the Forthcoming Year. Usually this thing works out pretty well, with a moderate-sized chuckle being had, little-to-no harm being done and everybody going home happy, or at least no sadder than they were when they arrived.

This year, after a hotly-contested decision making process, we chose Adam Ant as the recipient of this prestigious award, with Mark E. Smith finishing (not for the first time) a very close second place. While this was considered contentious in some quarters, we here at 68Comeback central are not usually given to second-guessing and so the decision was allowed to stand.

However, Tom and I were each deeply unsettled recently when the news broke that Mark E. Smith had thrown a bottle at Mumford & Sons in the backstage area at some pissant Irish music festival. We immediately gathered our advisors together for a rarely held Emergency Comeback meeting.

We urge you  to please tune into the 68Comeback Special this coming Thursday, July 4, 2013, when we will make a special announcement regarding the outcome of that meeting.


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