These Are 68Comeback Years, You’d Better Make Them Last

It would have been pretty swanky even if it only came with the last Grade 6 Report of the year/last elementary level report from Gabe EVER and a brief cameo from Sadie, but the June 27, 2013 edition also featured a set for any and all those who may happen to be graduating around this time, pats on the back for everyone who helped out with Shred Island, and other stuff that I don’t remember now because it was days ago.

Husker Du  –  These Important Years

Islands  –  Kids Don’t Know Shit

Joe Henry  –  Time Is a Lion

Times New Viking  –  The End of All Things

Labradoodle  –  Fast Doom

Big Deal  –  Dream Machines

Bevel Emboss  –  I Thought She Was There

Massive Ferguson  –  Yr. Precious Ear

the Ketamines  –  Everybody Gets Down

the Constantines  –  Some Party

Alice Cooper  –  Be My Lover

Crosss  –  Mountain King

the Night Marchers  –  2 Guitars Sing

Garage a Trois  –  Etienne

Aesop Rock  –  Limelighters

Black Thunder – Blind Fool

The Courtneys – Nu Sundae

Club 8 – Kill Kill Kill

Zebra Pulse – My Hands Sparkle Like Lemons

Energetic Action – Wounds

Freak Heat Waves – Submission

Spoke & Mirror – Post Electric Poverty

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