And Debra Ann’s Got A 68Comeback In Her Hips

June 20, 2013, aka First Day of Summer 2013 – a day on which we got mail that was different from the mail we were expecting but couldn’t stop tripping over the booth’s anti-static mat, devoted excessive effort to playing a band we didn’t even know for sure that we wanted to play (screw you, Grøenland’s CD; thanks to Tad and Archie Shepp for saving the day), and heard the second-last elementary school-level report EVER from Gabe. DAMN.

Ass Ponys  –  It’s Summer Here

No Luck Club  –  (What Is) Pop Music

Fergus & Geronimo  –  Roman Tick

Tad  –  Jinx

Archie Shepp  –  Attica Blues

the Bicycles  –  The Sun Don’t Want to End

Mikey Maybe  –  Scrambled Eggs

Swans  –  Black Eyed Dog

Bibio  –  You Won’t Remember

S.E. Rogie  –  Dieman Noba Smoke Tafee

the Night Marchers  –  Tropical Depression

Suuns  –  Minor Work

Javelin  –  l’Ocean

Energetic Action – Becoming

Field Assembly – Receiver

Hilotron – Venus at Your Back Door

Lad Mags – Sex Beat

The Stooges – Burn

The Men – The Seeds

Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be Thy Name

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