Stuck Inside A World Where We All Cling To Things We Think Are Going To Make Us 68Comeback

Hey, if you missed the May 30, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special, no problem, okay? You only missed the most momentous, gargantuan radio event ever, but why should anyone feel bad about missing: Craig’s itchy Rough Trade finger, a special 4 o’clock refrain of Rockit (which Chad hated), a bittersweet Grade 6 Report, coming on the eve of Gabe’s last ever pizza lunch as an elementary school student, and a happily accidental, non-contiguous double-shot of Jr. Gone Wild. I could have mentioned the Gainsbourg in all of that, but I didn’t. But I could have. So if you missed it, then I feel sorry for you, I really do.

Laura Palmer  –  i can’t drive any further tonight

Be Your Own Pet  –  Bicycle, Bicycle You Are My Bicycle

the Knife  –  Without You My Life Would Be Boring

Energetic Action  –  In the Morning

Perrey & Kingsley  –  Moon River

Savages  –  She Will

Serge Gainsbourg  –  Bonnie & Clyde

Carla Bruni  –  Chez Keith et Anita

les Soeurs Boulay  –  Chanson de Route

Colin Stetson  –  High Above a Grey Green Sky

Weddings, Parties, Anything  –  Sgt. Small

the Flaming Lips  –  The Terror

Herbie Hancock  –  Rockit

Superchunk  –  My Gap Feels Weird

Jr. Gone Wild – Hey Hey Paula

Lad Mags – Lover

Jr. Gone Wild – Cosmos

Bob Wiseman – Lobbyists at Parliament

City Streets – Anna Karina

Faceless Babes – Ain’t ‘Nuff

The Mouthbreathers – Street Sense

Al Tuck – 5-0

Cory Weed/Bill Coon – With Benefits

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