I Can Grow My Own 68Comeback Anytime

Some call it May 16, 2013. Others, those who listened to the 68Comeback Special that day, call it The Day Everything Changed, as a bunch of Hot Plains characters, thinking they smelled an easy meal, descended upon a lone booth-occupying Tom, who quickly trained them to sit up on their haunches and sing We Are the World, haphazardly and in near-unison.

Nick Cave  –  Higgs Bosun Blues
!!!  –  Get That Rhythm Right
Shotgun Jimmie  –  Carry On
Freddie Hubbard  –  Mr Clean
LadMags  –  Tricks
Field + Stream  –  I Dont Hurt Anymore
Wet Secrets  –  Grow Your Own Fucking Moustache
Arrowz  –  Believer
Allovers  –  Tub Time
Shuggie Otis  –  Inspiration Information
Night Marchers  –  Tropical Depression
Field + Stream  –  Cabineer/Soccer/Tune Out Song
Renny Wilson  –  Bound to Lose
Brazilian Money  –  Party ’til I’m Dead
Switches  –  Bones & Hair

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