A 68Comeback, A Broken Heart, And You’re Still On My Mind

On the May 2, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we (very royally) mourned George Jones, re-mourned Adam Yauch, celebrated Willie Nelson’s 80th birthday, counted down how many weeks until Neko Case breaks our daughter’s heart (15) and also cryptically observed a milestone in said daughter’s life. No Grade 6 Report because Gabe was on his way back from the Fort MacMurray fact-finding mission, but next week’s report, you do not want to miss. Tom’s back next week too, so that’s the very least of what next week’s got going for it, but this week was really good, too.

Beastie Boys  –  Time to Get Ill

Display of Decay  –  Eternal Agony

Shellac  –  The Billiard Player Song

Schlonk  –  God Made Buttocks for Spanking

the Master Musicians of Jajouka  –  El Medahey

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds  –  Higgs Boson Blues

Neko Case  –  This Tornado Loves You

Cub  –  Life of Crime

Fruit Bats  –  Lives of Crime

Willie Nelson  –  Your Memory Won’t Die In My Grave

George Jones  –  You’re Still On My Mind

Les Soeurs Boulay  –  Ça Mouille Les Yeux

Carla Bruni  –  La Valse Posthume

Superchunk  –  Skip Steps 1 & 3

Fugazi  –  I’m So Tired

the Besnard Lakes  –  And Her Eyes Were Painted Gold

Joshua Van Tassel  –  Bottom of the Well

John Zorn/Cobra  –  Pendet

Boats  –  We Got Tables and Chairs

!!!  –  Fine Fine Fine

Stagmummer  –  Little Scratches

Cows  –  Mr. Cancelled

Pissed Jeans  –  Loubs

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