Star Witness (Oof)

In 2009, the last time Neko Case played the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, my son Gabe was not yet 8 years old.

This year, when Ms. Case next plays EFMF, it is my daughter, Sadie, who will have to wait a little longer before she sees 8 candles on her cake.

In 2009, Neko Case’s Middle Cyclone album had just recently come out, and while I and many other grownups that I knew thought it was pretty swell, Gabe’s attention was fixed on The Tigers Have Spoken, the live album she recorded with the Sadies (!!!), in particular her cover of Buffy Sainte-Marie’s Soulful Shade of Blue. Just about every time music was played around our house, which is almost always, Gabe had a request, and it was that.

By the time August rolls around, everyone will probably all be digging a brand new Neko album – that is, all of us except Sadie, who will have yet to explore every last nook and cranny of This Tornado Loves You from Middle Cyclone.

In 2009, Gabe attended his first-ever EFMF. He didn’t care one little bit about anyone but Neko Case. There was some conjecture that maybe we could hang out around a workshop stage just long enough for him to meet her, tell her how much he enjoyed her, maybe get an autograph. Dare to dream, right? So we did. We dared to dream, we hung around and waited for her after her concert on one of the side stages until a volunteer came out and gently broke our son’s heart: Ms. Case would not be meeting or greeting any of her fans today. No exceptions.

So between today and the second weekend in August here on the 68Comeback Special, we are literally counting down the weeks until Neko Case does my daughter the same way she did my son. She had better not let us down.

20 weeks until Neko Case works her magic.

  1. March 28th, 2013

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