I’m Not Sayin’ I’ll Be Comeback But I’ll Try

Pissed Jeans. Even if everything else had gone wrong on the March 14, 2013 edition of the 68Comeback Special – Frank Zappa’s guitar could have succeeded in killing your mama, the new pope could have quit already, we might have played one fully cohesive set of music – Pissed Jeans would have made everything O-KAY. As it turned out, none of that stuff went wrong and everything is perfectly okay. OKAY?

the Mothers of Invention  –  My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama

Minotaurs  –  Sharper Knife

Charles Bradley  –  Strictly Reserved for You

Robyn Hitchcock  –  Stupefied

Tim Hecker  –  Sammy Loves Eddie Hates David

Pissed Jeans  –  Romanticize Me

Suuns  –  2020

Sonic Youth  –  My Friend Goo

Boredoms  –  Finger Action No. 5

Amy Van Keeken  –  Golden Leaves

Thurston Moore  –  Sleeping Where I Fall

Daniel Johnston  –  True Love Will Find You in the End

Ice Age – You’re Nothing

Yo La Tengo – I’ll Be Around

Jill Barber – Petits Fleur

Bonnie Prince Billy & Dawn McCarthy – Breakdown

Rotten Sound – War

Adam Ant – Stay in the Game

Replacements – I’m Not Sayin’

Cobra & Vulture – Day For Night

Son Volt – Wide Side

Shooting Guns – Sky High & Shooting Blind

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