Takes A 68Comeback Riot To Get Me Out Of Bed Right Now

If you can believe it, January 2013 is over. We kicked it to the curb with the January 31 edition of the 68Comeback Special, using only our bare hands and shitty attitudes. It was surprisingly, appallingly easy, too. Good riddance to you, January 2013. You wasted your only chance.

That Petrol Emotion  –  Groovecheck

James Kochalka Superstar  –  Frampton Comes  Alive

Jessica Jalbert  –  Whatever ‘Til You’re Dead

the Paper Route  –  Saved By Kideo

Foxygen  –  Oh No

Hardship Post  –  That’s OK

Petra Haden  –  Cool Hand Luke Main Title

Thelonious Monk  –  Straight No Chaser

Tenpole Tudor  –  Swords of 1000 Men

Thomas D’Arcy  –  Love Will Bring Me Down

Old 97s  –  W-I-F-E

Cuff the Duke  –  Something for Free

Run Chico Run  –  Mirthless Plod

Matthew Shipp Duo – Series of Planes

Reverend Horton Heat – Death Metal Guys

Preyers – Boring Sin

Patti Smith – Dancing Barefoot

Ruth Minnikin – Logs on the Fire

Edsel – Good Good Things

Sonic Youth – Teenage Riot

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