I See It All 68Comeback, But Who Wants Hope?

The December 13, 2012 68Comeback Special, if you’re hip to the Mayans, was the second last 68Comeback Special EV-ER, which is why we played Pig Destroyer and Townes, and why we did everything else exactly as we did it. Because nothing matters, at least not for much longer, though that shouldn’t stop a person from keeping a tidy home. Or radio show. In case we don’t see you next week, it’s been nice knowing you, more or less.

Six Finger Satellite  –  Parlor Games

A.C. Newman  –  I’m Not Talking

Townes Van Zandt  –  Rex’s Blues

Ladyhawk  –  Evil Eye

Poets of Rhythm  –  Plus Plus

Television  –  Friction

Moon Duo  –  Sleepwalker

Marie Pierre Arthur  –  Emmène Moi

Karkwa  –  Dors Dans Mon Sang

Pink Mountaintops  –  While We Were Dreaming

Marty Robbins  –  They’re Hanging Me Tonight

Cat Power  –  3, 6, 9

Pussy Monster  –  Monkey

the Ford Pier Vengeance Trio  –  Lions and Tigers and Bears

AC/DC  –  Back in Black

Toro Y Moi – So Many Details

Boats – Marblemouth

Pathology -A Bleak Future

The Falcons – Highway 99

Pig Destroyer – The Diplomat

The Mad Doctors – Evil Robot Wife

Mogwai – Rano Pano

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