“I Like Lou Reed,” She Said, Sticking Her Tongue In My 68Comeback

They say, or at least they will one day, that it’s not really the Christmas season until Craig emerges from a quick week’s worth of hibernation, Tom takes out the tan sweater, and Jon Mick turns up with a big-ass holiday extravaganza to plug. This year, it really became the Christmas season with December 6, 2012’s 68Comeback Special. And thank goodness for that, or else maybe it may never have happened.

the Pixies  –  I’ve Been Tired

Field & Stream  –  Fields

Jim Bryson & the Weakerthans  –  Raised All Wrong

Ty Segall  –  Thank God for Sinners

Hüsker Dü  –  Flexible Flyer

Panos  –  Fallout

Thelonious Monk  –  Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

John Mick/Rene 3000  –  Saint Mick’s Muletide Extravaganza

Sad Rockets  –  Leaky Faucet Skank

SNFU  –  The Ceiling

Hot Snakes – Plenty For All

Math the Band – Bad Jokes

Guided By Voices – Hangover Child

Sonic Youth – Death Valley ’69

Ruth Minnikin – Positively

Rev Hank Longhorn – Devil Ray

Danger Cat – Blood Red

Guillermo Gregorio Trio – Slipped Fifths

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