I Should Have Always Known You’d Never End Up 68Comeback

Update November 30: Totally forgot the most important part of the show, when Tom asked me, off-mic, “Do you think Edie Brickell sometimes wonders if she did the right thing?”

What do you get when you combine Ray Biesinger talking about his new book, a hour’s worth of some of the finest duos to ever have joined together – just the two of them, not three or four or whatever – a thoughtful, in-depth consideration of Paul McCartney and his role in Edmonton circa late November, 2012, and some other stuff, too? Well, friend, that’d be the November 29, 2012 edition of the 68Comeback Special!

Deja Voodoo  –  Cheese and Crackers

the Famines  –  The First World War

the Famines  –  Faux Famous

Spinanes  –  Grand Prize

William Parker/Hamid Drake  –  Sifting the Dust

DFA 1979  –  Go Home, Get Down

Twin Fangs  –  More Can Go Wrong

the Inbreds  –  Bub

Noam Chomsky/Lou Reed  –  Metal Propaganda Machine

Cash Money  –  Bad Case Of Bitter Pills

Japandroids  –  Heart Sweats

Vertical Struts  –  Fun is Not Fun

Ratchet Orchestra – Winnow

Flowers of Hell – O Superheroin

The Better Beatles – Penny Lane

Nova – Big City Couple

Julie Doiron – Can’t Make it No More

Lee “Scratch” Perry – Mr. Upsetter

Negation – Puncture Wounds

Jason Robinson – Elbow Grease

July Talk – Paper Girl

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