You Always Were A 68 And You Always Were A Comeback

On the November 22, 2012 edition of the 68Comeback Special, we played the ultimate moustache song, felt a little bit bad for James “Blood” Ulmer, discussed weatherproofing your home with Ladyhawk’s help and talked smack about Jian Ghomeshi WITH HIS OWN GUESTS. Also, you’ll be happy to know that Ford Pier continues to rule the world.

William S. Burroughs  –  A Thanksgiving Prayer

Pangina  –  Full Metal Moustache

Red Fang  –  Hank is Dead

Laurie Anderson  –  Born, Never Asked

Ladyhawk  –  Footprints

James “Blood” Ulmer  –  Sad Days, Lonely Nights

Fruit Bats  –  When U Love Somebody

Ford Pier Vengeance Trio  –  This Oughta Be Good

Philadelphia Complaints Choir  –  Why Why Why

Renny Wilson  –  Bound to Lose

Wire  –  Three Girl Rhumba

Tim Maia  –  The Dance is Over

Modern Superstitions  –  Black Moon

Carolyn Mark – Queen of Vancouver Island

Pig Destroyer – Baltimore Strangler

Wool on Wolves – Medicine Show

Sonic Youth – Expressway to Yr Skull

Europe Disc + Laura Gemser – Enzo Castrare la Cultivare

Old Man Luedecke – Tortoise and the Hare

Pathology – Asphyxiation Through Consumption

Mac DeMarco – Robson Girl

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